These errata are for the book of Hymns, by F. Willis Propp, for editions published on or after 2005/03/25. Earlier editions are superceded, and not recorded here. Errors found in editions on or since 2005/03/25 are listed here.

These errata are sorted in the order of the book. Each item is marked with the first edition in which it was corrected, in the form year/month/date. Earlier editions of the book would not have the corrections noted.

A few early books may also include minor errors not mentioned here.

Date of latest update to this list: 2008/04/03

or hymn #
Description of error Date
front matter Early printings incorrectly used "born" instead of "borne".
The date of last update is now included in the front matter. 2005/05/09
A page containing only the title "Hymns" was placed as page 1, with the previous content of page 1 becoming page 2, which was previously blank. 2005/07/23
9 The word "trumpets'" in verse 3 was missing the apostrophe which indicates it is a possessive.
15 The word "overcome" in verse 2 was incorrectly syllabicated.
39 The word "His" in verse 3 was not capitalized.
42 Correct spelling of composer's name to "May Schulz".
46 Correct spelling of composer's name to "Graeme Wood".
50 The very first word of verse 1 should be "Gift" rather than "God", as was printed in early printings.
Tthe word "Rescued" was misspelled in verse 1. 2005/05/09
Modify two tenor and bass notes in the chorus: make all the notes for the chorus word "willingly" have the same notes as the current last syllable, although the first two should still be eighth notes whereas the third is a dotted quarter note.
57 The words "overcomer", and "overcome" in verse 1 were incorrectly syllabicated.
Bass and tenor notes for second chorus word split so each syllable has a note. 2008/04/03
58 The word "Him" in verse 4 was not capitalized. 2005/05/09
61 The word "over" in verse 1 was incorrectly syllabicated. And the word "overcomer" in verse 3 was incorrectly syllabicated.
67 The word "One" in verse 2 was not capitalized.
73 The word "overflow" in verse 2 was incorrectly syllabicated.
81 Extra hyphen between "Un-cloud-ed" and "is" was removed from verse 2. 2005/05/28
85 Immediately after hymn 85, hymns 86-112 were added. These hymns are available as part new editions printed after January 22, 2007, and also as a supplement to augment previous editions.
91 The first word of the fourth versed was changed and is now "Turned".
Stories Behind the Hymns A large number of minor corrections have been made to the stories behind the hymns. The corrections are available, if desired, as a Word Perfect format file.
Additional subheadings were added to explain that these stories are in the order the hymns were written.
In #2 a period could be after Prophet, as it is after Priest.

In #3 a colon should be after "similar words:"

In #39 A comma after AB(not a -). A period after eternity and a new sentence beginning with "It brought"

In #43 A quotation mark is missing afer "I Want to go There",

In #47 Instead of "cagily", Could we say "in a subtle way" instead?

In #67 An apostrophe is missing after Jesus'

When a specific day is down for when a Hymn was written I have used Written "on" that certain day. To be consistent it should be in #13, #26, #29, #31 (on October 18), #45 (on July 19).
Each entry was appended with the hymn number of the hymn as numbered on the music pages of this book. [Hymn #23] 2005/07/23
Additional stories added for hymns 86-112.
Metric index A metric index covering all the hymns 1-112 was inserted here.
Index The subheading was adjusted to say "(order written)" instead of "(prompts numbers)" as this more accurately explains what the parenthetical number is.
Additional entries added for hymns 86-112.

Other notes

There are words on which the authorities do not fully agree on the spelling or syllabication; in addition, there are regional differences from one area to another.

The KJV Bible uses spelling and wording from the time of its translation into English, some of which has become extinct from everyday language. An example of such a word is "plumbline", which is used as a single, compound word in the Bible, but is generally written as two words in modern language.

Various dictionaries are consulted when questions arise. Two words that have been questioned are "every" and "fiery". Some people think these words have three syllables, and others think they are only two. Many old English hymns write the word as "ev'ry" which implies that they were reducing the word from three syllables to two. However, the preponderance of modern English dictionaries agree that these words are only two syllables. And of those, most agree that the syllabication should be "eve-ry" and "fier-y", although there is one that uses "ev-ery" and "fi-ery" instead. When the authorities are in disagreement, one must simply choose among multiple "correct" answers. It seems, based on the Webster's 1913 Unabridged Dictionary, that these words were considered to be three syllables back then, and that is likely why the contracted forms were used in older hymns. The Oxford dictionary has used eve-ry for a while, but only recently as decided that fier-y is only 2 syllables.

Dictionary content of interest
Random House Unabridged Dictionary 2nd edition, 1987 eve-ry, fier-y
Chambers 20th Century Dictionary, 1983 eve-ry, fier-y
Merriam-Webster New Collegiate Dictionary, 1993
Also at (online on 2005/05/09)
ev-ery, fi-ery
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th edition, 2000 (via ev-ery, fier-y
Encarta Dictionary, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2001
also MSN Encarta Dictionary online (online on 2005/05/09)
eve-ry, fier-y
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913 (that's pretty old)
ev-er-y, fi-er-y
Webster's College Dictionary, 2000 (Random House) eve-ry, fier-y
Oxford American Dictionary and Language Guide, 2001
N.B. it should be noted that the 1999 edition of this book listed fi-er-y
eve-ry, fier-y
World Book Dictionary, Thorndike-Barnhart, 1996 eve-ry, fier-y
Wordsmith's Children's Dictionary (online at library on 2005/05/09) eve-ry, fier-y