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B5101 192
5.5×8.5” coil-bound A Collection of Hymns
John Martin
A collection of 146 hymns, 4 graces, 5 poems written by John Martin. This second printing includes minor corrections. Includes music notation for all the hymns.
B5102 192
8.5×11” coil-bound A Collection of Hymns
John Martin
A collection of 146 hymns, 4 graces, 5 poems written by John Martin. This second printing includes minor corrections. Includes music notation for all the hymns.

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The metre of a hymn is usually found by counting the number of syllables in each line, although at times an extra syllable may be inserted in a line in one or more verses. When an entire chorus repeats all or part of the music, the metre of the chorus is omitted in the index.

Table of contents for B5101
JM Number Title First Line Chorus Meter Short Meter
1 Follow Me, Follow Me I was lost when Jesus found me His disciple to be, He calls now
2 He Keepeth His Sheep There’s a shepherd from glory He keepeth his sheep! None
3 Onward Christians Onward Jesus went alone Further, further on, for us
4 O Blessèd Lord O blessèd Lord, we plead again
5 Lord of All Lord of nations, Lord of all Six 7s
6 When Jesus Comes What we shall be is not clear When Jesus comes, When Jesus comes
7 He Came and Called Take heed to the way we are Jesus came in the brightness
8 How Blest of God We know there’s a path Is it revealed to thee?
9 Jesus Is the Way Who can take the fear of death In ways of darkness
10 When We are Invited In We are going to the kingdom Yield your heart and life to Him
11 Make Room for Strangers Closing the door on the Saviour Wisely make room for
12 The Five Greatest Days My friend, have you thought The day of your birth
13 Let My Saviour O testify to me once more O sinner let my Saviour do
14 Reconciliation See how the Lord in the temple Faithfully rend every veil
15 Unity As pleasant to see brethren Our Saviour bought this unity
16 In Jesus We Live Oh, we must all needs die Though in Adam all die
17 Wisdom Hearken, Wisdom is calling Oh, make Wisdom thy sister
18 Treasure Believe me, though treasures To the Spirit then sow of the best
19 Glorious Knowledge Once, without knowledge Glorious knowledge! Glorious knowledge!
20 Jesus Calls You To catch a glimpse Zaccheus Arise and follow— He calls
21 Pray Where You Are In your self-denials and all Where you are, ’tis the right
22 Lord Unto Thee — Grace Lord unto Thee
23 All Is Well Remember Thy Creator in days Your Saviour thought of you
24 Before Thy Judgment Throne I know that I shall stand alone At Thy Throne, all alone
25 Where the Saints Gather How pleasant the place How hallowed the place
26 Prodigal Why Perish? Why in famine languish there Bread to spare, bread to spare
27 Salvation Is Nearer Now Of unseen hope shall we Nearer at hand, Nearer at hand
28 Sing Praise Sing praises, ye creatures Ye kings and all princes Eight 11’s
29 The Joy of Returning Has famine your full store For welcome at home
30 Draw Me, Draw Me Draw me, Saviour, I will run Draw Me, draw me, Draw me, Saviour
31 Yield To God Sinner don’t you hear the Saviour Come to Christ alone
32 Let Us Run Set like flint every face, let us Though in running we’re last
33 As We Gather Now Lord as we gather now to Thee O cause our prayers from faith C.M.D
34 Just One Year More A certain man had one fig tree Oh, let it grow this year also L.M.D
35 When The Books Are Opened In His book of remembrance When the books are opened at last
36 In this House of Mourning Gathered in this house
37 The Words of The Lord Jesus His seat on the mountain Come and hearken
38 That Day Some day, how soon I cannot tell Today, today, keep wrath
39 Make Thy Light Shine, Father Light is truly sweet, Father Let my candle shine, Father
40 The Upright Shall Overcome O people hearken No man from death his life can save
41 Our Faith Great is the Author of our faith Shall we hear the words
42 Seeds We Fail To Sow Due season comes to every thing Arouse us, Lord, from sloth C.M.D
43 Oh, Don’t Be Led Captive Oh, Don’t Be Led Captive Oh, Don’t Be Led Captive Eight 11’s
44 Journey To The Promised Land When the tribes of Israel Ripe corn in harvest serves
45 What of the Great Judgment Day? Once unto men ’tis appointed Oh, what of the great judgment
46 Now in Christ Accepted Once we sought our pleasure Once far off, rejected Six 6.5’s
47 Be Careful What You Sow Your life is one short season God’s harvest time will surely C.M.D
48 Life for a Look There was life for a look Come! Come! Come and see!
49 The Secret Place of Prayer In the secret place of prayer Hallowed place of prayer
50 Come to the Waters Come to the waters, a voice As rain from heaven
51 The Fig Tree in the Garden There’s a fig tree in the garden Six 8.7’s
52 Tonight Sitting in darkness, Lord
53 When Christ Comes In Sweeter sounds the Gospel story When Christ comes in, when Christ
54 I’ll Gladly Go O blessèd Lord, the night O come thou back at midnight
55 Jesus Has Shown Me How Jesus suffered and has shown me Yes, He suffered and has
56 With God’s Armour We Stand We wrestle not against flesh With armour of light put on
57 Abide With Us O Lord, with us abide always C.M.D
58 Ripe Harvest Fields The Lord and His reapers Fields, fields, white unto harvest
59 I Will Keep On My slumber’s past, my thoughts Sweet Words of God
60 Sower and Reaper Rejoice Sowers who go forth weeping Weeping precedes the reaping
61 The King’s Highway Why should I ever stumble I know His way is perfect Seven 7.6’s
62 Within the Holy Place No place had I nor gift to bring Pleading where the angels are
63 Charity at Supper — Poem Presiding, like the human mind
64 Jesus Drew Nigh I recall how I repined He took my fears away
65 Rise Up and Come Away Gently my Lord once called Winter is past, the rain is gone
66 Hope Call to remembrance Drinking the cup of salvation Six 8.7’s
67 When He Calls the Roll My name is written in His book Calling the roll, calling
68 The Temple of God Where shall I find an offering Offer a heart that’s contrite
69 Come to Jesus Come to Christ, the great Come to him and find
70 The Path Disciples Tread Hear the nations calling, rise Come and let us gladly go
71 God Has Granted Life With numbers called by name S.M.D
72 We Will Follow the Lamb Where the Lamb ever goes Follow Me! Follow Me!
73 For Thee, For Thee From perils of that open pit In chains of sin you need not be
74 Unto Wisdom’s Voice Attend To get understanding incline Take instruction ’till the broad
75 Who Can — Jesus That I must surely die, some day This Man, this Man, Who
76 The Gate to Enter By Two sinners are debating O don’t you hear Him calling
77 He Lives To Conquer Death O death that will not pass me by
78 Peace With God, who grants divine Perfect peace, perfect peace
79 What Shall the Harvest Be? Our lives could be like gardens O hearken to my counsel C.M.D
80 What Shall Your Portion Be? Many lost sheep heard Read of the foolish and read
81 Because He Lives From void and cold estate of clay
82 Strive Not Strive not with your Maker Walk with God, who delights
83 The Books Will be Opened I rejoice not in strength Soon the books will be opened
84 Without A Shepherd Out of Christ without a Shepherd To his high and holy nation
85 From Death to Life You can pass from death to life As a victor sing with your Lord
86 The Scriptures Are Fulfilled The scriptures in everyone’s life Behold! how the sower went
87 The Line in the Window There’s a soul conscious There’s a scarlet line bound
88 Abounding More Though sin abounds 10.10.
89 The Harvest of the Sea — Poem Hear us, O Lord, from heaven
90 The Shepherds Heard The Shepherds Heard an angel The word of faith assures L.M.D
91 Saved to Serve Saved to serve our heavenly Father Saved to serve that we may inherit
92 Still True Today Hearken, sinner, to the tidings It is just as true today
93 Eating Our Meat — Grace Eating our meat in gladness C.M.
94 Lift Up Your Eyes O sleeper! there to the voice Awake! Arise! Lift up your eyes
95 Thine Eternal Friend O’er all your friends exalt Can love or mercy greater
96 Where our Treasure Cannot Fade We may feel we have spent In the land where our treasure
97 A City Built of God In vain we seek a city Look not on things that here are L.M.D
98 Death Is Keeping Step With You Though you journey in life’s Down in the graveyard
99 Seek the Great Physician The Saviour sat down on Jacob’s Because they believed
100 Today and Tomorrow There can come no greater There can come no greater
101 He Sought for Me I wandered in darkness alone Yes! He sought for me and He
102 He is Coming Why should we grow Occupy! Occupy!
103 Behold the Lamb Behold the spotless Lamb Behold the fulness of Him
104 Tho’ Many, on One Bread — Grace Though many, on one bread
105 I Walked in Darkness Dark was the pathway my feet He quickened me that I might
106 Baptised With One Accord Repent and be baptised Baptised in Jesus’ Name
107 One Day’s Journey Nearer Home In this lonely place again We are one day’s journey nearer
108 Body and Spirit — Poem My body to my spirit said
109 If I Can Say at Even If I could cease transgressing If I’m walking today
110 A Corn of Wheat — Poem Once a corn of wheat
111 Life Beyond the Grave Back from the door Beyond the grave that ends
112 Be in Time! Hearken to the Saviour calling Author of salvation, He is mine
113 Called to Repent O sinner take comfort In every tongue and nation
114 Thinking of Calvary We see Thy flesh, Lord Ev’ry remembrance, Lord
115 In the Light Walk in light briefly shining In the light shining bright
116 Strangers Here, not There We’re on the path the faithful On pilgrimage, our call comes C.M.D
117 He Must Pilot You If haply you are feeling There’s a city where you hope
118 Meat For Our Health — Grace Meat for our health, Lord C.M.
119 A Hearty Conversation — Poem I am deceitful, said one heart
120 For This Cause With God, sojourners here Come saint and servant
121 A Saviour is Born While shepherds watched An offering bring this immortal
122 Christ Gave Me Light Awaking out of sleep True light illumes my pathway Eight 10’s
123 Jesus Is Calling Thee Enter life’s barque ere floods Calling thee, calling
124 Keep Watch and Pray That Christ was once the willing For His appearing keep watch
125 Go Not Empty-Handed Lest you be found empty-handed Walk in faith and do not waver
126 Hope is My Anchor What shall I pray for? Yes, there’s an anchor Eight 9’s
127 He’ll Triumph Gloriously Come sing me a triumphal song And we shall not fail
128 We Look for Things Unseen God’s people still can sing Oh, let us wait where
129 Where is Your Heart Today One day you surrendered You say you surrendered 9.
130 Jesus is Able to Save Where shall I flee, O where Yes! there is one with whom
131 In the City of Zion How precious the promises If souls are cast down Six 11.12’s
132 Awake, O Sleeper Why fold your hands Decide for thy Redeemer Eight 7.6’s
133 Thou Shalt Be Safe If earth and hills of one accord Be still and know that I can save C.M.D
134 I’m Going Through I’ll follow Jesus wherever Where Jesus goes, I’m going too
135 A Great Light Shining Benighted souls who could not Ask Him, who caused the light
136 Through the Everlasting Door Let us not be weak in faith To the city where there shall be
137 God Kept Me I know how God kept me Thus doth God in preparation
138 Time to Choose Time for everything is given Time provides, time divides
139 Let Him In There’s a knock at your door Let Him In! Let Him In!
140 The Days of Youth O remember thy Creator You’re growing older fast
141 The Shepherd and His Fold That every soul in peace Sweeter story never told
142 Places of Victory Of gracious gifts I’ll sing Trace his places of victory
143 No Condemnation in Jesus There’s no condemnation I have refuge in Him!
144 O Don’t Go Astray Found in a dreadful place In this accepted time
145 I Am Calling Now I love my Redeemer I have come to an end
146 We Shall Know Him By and By When they kept His When He suffered He
147 Keep, and Make Flesh Thy Word Lord we have heard afresh
148 In the City While the gate is widely open Cast away your doubt and fear
149 Time to Walk Time on silent wings Time to seek, time to find
150 In Our Need Coming again to Thee Father, we thank Thee Eight 9’s
151 The Name of Jesus Salvation belongs to Christ Have wisdom to hide
152 A Sermon Would you a sermon see To see a sermon, come
153 Our Redemption Draweth Nigh The summer time is nearing By and by He is coming
154 What She Could While the conflict was keen “She hath done what she could”
155 Nothing Matters but Salvation God gives you the invitation Nothing Matters but Salvation