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B5141 64
5.5"×8.5" coil-bound A Few Hymns and Poems
Ken Paginton
Updated 03/05/13  
A collection of 41 hymns, 9 poems, and 2 graces written by Ken Paginton. Includes music notation for all the hymns.

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This second edition typeset in 2013, with clearer fonts, and more consistent image sizes and margins.
B5141A is the table of contents for the hymns, B5141B is the table of contents for the poems. They are bound together in one book.

Table of contents for B5141A
Collection Track Track Number Title First line Chorus Author Composer
1 1 1 Our Hearts O'erflow Lord, our hearts o'erflow with praises Ken Paginton Annie F. Q. Harrison, Arranged A. W. B.
2 2 2 I'm glad I know He's Coming I'm glad I know that Jesus is coming Oh, let me be found waiting Ken Paginton Don Puffalt
3 3 3 The Call to Labour Lord, let me hear once more the call to labour Ken Paginton Mrs. Ellen Mary Anderson
4 4 4 Jesus the Saviour Jesus the Saviour from heaven descending Jesus is risen Ken Paginton
5 5 5 Incline Thine Ear Incline Thine ear, we pray Ken Paginton
6 6 6 Thy Saviour Calls Thy Saviour calls, O, hearken now to Him Calling for thee Ken Paginton
7 7 7 I Thank Thee Lord I thank Thee, Lord, Ken Paginton Ken Paginton
8 8 8 Lord, How Good Lord, how good, and oh, how pleasant As before Thy Throne we worship Ken Paginton G. Smith
9 9 9 The Saviour Gently Calls The Saviour gently calls you now Ken Paginton F. C. Maker
10 10 10 Lord, Hear My Prayer Lord, hear my prayer Ken Paginton J. Macadam
11 11 11 My Pilgrim Way Dear Lord, when o'er my pilgrim way Ken Paginton W. M. Huntley
12 12 12 Dear Father Dear Father, we Thy children bow Ken Paginton F. C. Maker
13 13 13 Lord Let Thy Spirit Lord, let Thy Spirit now Ken Paginton R. Jackson
14 14 14 What Do I Think What do I think Ken Paginton K. C. Fitchett
15 15 15 Humbly I Lift My Voice Humbly I lift my voice in praise This life of mine I yield to Thee Ken Paginton D. B. Towner
16 16 16 Let Me See Thee Let me see Thee, blessed Lord Ken Paginton Don Puffalt
17 17 17 My Grateful Heart My grateful heart o'erflows Ken Paginton Henry Lascelles Jenner
18 18 18 I'll Follow My Master I'll follow my Master What e'er may betide me Ken Paginton Phil Kerr
19 19 19 Lord, at Thy Feet I Bow Lord, at Thy feet I bow Ken Paginton K. C. Fitchett
20 20 20 Wonderful Love Lord, of Thy wonderful, unfailing love Ken Paginton A. Watson
21 21 21 The Precious Seed Is Scattered Now the precious seed is scattered Ken Paginton Annie F. Q. Harrison, Arranged A. W. B.
22 22 22 Now We Would Unite Now we would unite to praise Him Praise Him! Praise Him! Ken Paginton J. Goss
23 23 23 Lord, I Thank Thee Lord, I thank Thee for the day Christ came Ken Paginton K. C. Fitchett
24 24 24 Help Me to Look to Thee Help me to look to Thee Ken Paginton B. M. Ramsey
25 25 25 A Life of Praise Lord, in the morning of life I surrender Ken Paginton Sydney H. Gambrell, Arranged G. B.
26 26 26 Take me, Lord Take me, Lord, I humbly pray Ken Paginton W. B. Gilbert
27 27 27 Baptized in Jesus' Name Baptized in Jesus' Name Ken Paginton R. Jackson
28 28 28 Lord, I Plead Lord, I plead for heart submission Ken Paginton J. S.
29 29 29 Jesus the Saviour Jesus the Saviour from heav'n descending Ken Paginton
30 30 30 Father In Heaven Father in heav'n I cry to Thee Ken Paginton
31 31 31 Seeking Joy and Peace Dear Lord, I pray that Thou wilt hearken Ken Paginton C. C. Scholefield
32 32 32 Thy Child My Father, hear this earnest plea Ken Paginton Ken Paginton
33 33 33 Day By Day Lord, I need Thy loving care Ken Paginton Mr. and Mrs. Seth Sykes
34 34 34 Come Unto Him Come unto Him Ken Paginton Ken Paginton
35 35 35 Unchanging Christ Lord, make me now this truth to know Ken Paginton Ken Paginton
36 36 36 Jesus, Pilot of my Soul Ev'ry day my barque is sailing When the seas are calm and silent Ken Paginton M. J. Babbitt
37 37 37 Wonderful, Unfailing Love Lord, of Thy wonderful, unfailing love Ken Paginton F. L. Wiseman
38 38 38 I Yield to Thee Humbly I lift my voice to Thee This one Life I have I yield to Thee Ken Paginton Malagasy Tune
39 39 39 Fellowship I thank Thee, Lord, for those who seek Ken Paginton D. Nicholaisen, Harmonised by K. C. F.
40 40 40 Dear Lord, I Bow Dear Lord, I bow at Thy throne of grace Out of the depth, Lord, I cried to Thee Ken Paginton Henry Barraclough
41 41 41 All Death is Conquered Dear Lord, we humbly thank Thee Ken Paginton C. D. Urhan

Table of contents for B5141B
Collection Track Track Page Number Title First line Author
42 1 1 Friendship A noble friendship is to me Ken Paginton
43 2 2 Evening at Fihaonana As daylight fades and evening falls Ken Paginton
44 3 4 To Thee Alone To Thee, O God, my vows are made Ken Paginton
45 4 6 Growing Older I am not old, but I am growing older Ken Paginton
46 5 7 Wisdom I would that I could more possess Ken Paginton
47 6 8 The Weaver One day I stood and keenly watched Ken Paginton
48 7 10 Proof Thy words eternal, Lord, are ever sounding Ken Paginton
49 8 11 Lessons From Creation Dear God, my heart is filled with praise to Thee Ken Paginton
50 9 14 Madagascar – How I Love You Madagascar, how I love you! Ken Paginton
51 10 15 Grace Blending our grateful hearts as one Ken Paginton
52 11 15 Grace Father, we thank Thee now for this food Ken Paginton