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B5201 122
8.5×11” coil-bound Hymns
Willis Propp
A collection of the 111 hymns written by Willis Propp, along with one other he chose to include. Includes music notation for all the hymns. This collection has undergone minor corrections since first published, for details see https://rkivs.com/WPhymns/errata.html.

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Table of contents for B5201
WP Number Title First line Chorus Meter Short Meter
1 Prophet Priest and King I found in Him a Teacher
2 Wilt Thou Make Me Clean, O Master? Proud of life without my Maker
3 The Yoke of Jesus In the land of Galilee He laboured To be united in the Yoke with Jesus
4 Son of God Stone, for the One so unchanging True Son of God/
5 A Search for Truth God’s written word is the Bible I have found Jesus the Way, the Truth, the Life
6 Faith, Hope, and Charity Faith is God’s gift for any
7 Go in Peace She only wished for freedom from her plague
8 Our Father, the Giver Our Father, the Giver of every good gift A debtor He never will be
9 The Sweet Peace of Heaven Oh, what a precious and wonderful name Jesus came down with peace to fill my soul;
10 God Deals With Us By the Spirit God deals with us by the Spirit Depth of fellowship in Spirit
11 Justified How shall we come before our Maker
12 Under the Saviour’s Control My life was a failure until I became When Jesus, in mercy, came passing my way
13 There Is a Fountain Pure There is a fountain pure Thou art the Fountain Head
14 Prayer To prayers of a stranger
15 Israel of God To Abraham when old, a promised son was giv’n O Israel of God, thou art His chosen
16 Witness For Jesus Witness of two or three has established Let us then be a witness for Jesus
17 Song of the Ransomed In our responding to the Gospel Story, revelation came O join in song of blest release from all our bondage of the past
18 Lift Up Thy Hands Lift up thy voice in praise to God
19 Who Are They God’s chosen people, joyful and free;
20 Resurrection Since before the world was fashioned
21 Lessons in Nature So many things of God we learn from nature
22 God’s People Like a building are God’s people Here on earth His special portion
23 A Double Heart At the dawning of this day Lord, a double heart is vile
24 That I May Win Him The things in life that matter were so foreign in my youth. That I may win Him is now my worthy goal
25 I Will Love Thee, Lord I will love Thee, Lord, with all my heart; Lord, I long to be obedient;
26 The Songs of Heaven The message was so clear, To those of yesteryear
27 Increase Our Faith Grant us the gift of faith, dear Lord Increase our faith, O Lord we pray
28 The Last Day The Last Day means not when my life has ended
29 God Omnipotent Reigneth Omnipotent art Thou, Lord, All powerful to rule;
30 Redemption’s Price Redemption’s price God planned before creation Nailed to a cross His hands and feet were dripping
31 God Waiting God in His perfect plan Our God is waiting still
32 City of God Wonderful words are spoken of thee Beautiful Zion, City of God
33 Be of Good Cheer, it is I We’ve taken the Lord “as He is” in our ship “Be of good cheer, it is I;”
34 By His Grace By His grace I’ll keep repenting I’ll repent from wayward courses
35 Return Unto Me If you will return unto me and repent
36 I’ll Live for Thee, Lord A story of Love from long, long ago I’ll live for Thee, Lord, I’ll live for Thee, Lord
37 On the Journey Once we wandered faint and hungry Soon we’ll reach the journey’s end
38 Open Mine Eyes Open mine eyes for me to see
39 Give Me to Drink He asked a drink of her, a maiden fair
40 A Living Faith A living faith will always prompt an action
41 Promise of God I will never, never fail you Nought has failed of any promise
42 Burdened with Sin Burdened with sin of the past I have pined
43 God Has Chosen God has chosen the things that are foolish There will be naught of esh e’er to glory
44 There’s Worthy Cause Twas worthy cause to fear O God, our Father
45 The Land of Galilee Land of our Saviour’s ministry Blest land of Galilee
46 Never Man Spake Like this Man Never man was born like Jesus
47 God Will Open the Way Down in Egypt in pain and in misery bound He will open the way in His own chosen time
48 God’s Plumbline God has a plumbline to construct His building Christ our Lord, the Father’s only Plumbline
49 Creatures of Wisdom There are creatures on earth with much wisdom
50 Gift of Salvation God of salvation in Jesus; Unspeakable is Thy great love to mankind
51 Be Still and Know The pleasure world’s inviting way L.M..D
52 Heavenly Provision There was manna sweet at the morning’s dawn
53 Silent Messages Our God set the bow in a dark cloud aglow
54 The Shepherd We love the heart of our caring Shepherd
55 Make Me A Pillar Make me a steady pillar which, Lord, I long to be;
56 Harvest Field God’s Wisdom from eternity Look upon the harvest field
57 Be An Overcomer Aim to be an overcomer Follow, follow Him
58 Our Future Eternity should be in all our planning Invisible! The eye in faith e’er sees
59 All Things Made White Hear the Master’s clear call, “Will you lift up your eyes?” There are sinners adrift, without purpose or aim
60 The Golden Years In the prime of our youth when our days slowly passed
61 Former Things Will Pass Away When comes the home call and life is over
62 Planned of God God in His own eternal past L.M.
63 Footprints of the Lamb Footprints of the Lamb marked the perfect way;
64 Welcome Home Dear Lord, up in Heav’n, may Thy Name hallowed be May I hear, on that day
65 Going Home Life is vain without a purpose Going Home, Lord, at Thy bidding
66 The Threefold Power of Evil Jesus paid a huge price for our ransom
67 Will You Come? You are lost upon the mountain Will you come? Will you come?
68 Growing Growing as babes within Thy fold C.M.
69 Saving Grace Dear Saviour Thou has set me free;
70 His Little Ones His little ones, God’s earthly treasure His little ones, as babes desiring
71 I Am the LORD Down in Egypt heavy burdened Holy land of milk and honey
72 Wherewith Shall I Come Before the Lord Wherewith shall I dare come unto Thee, the high God? Only Christ who came first to be Light
73 God’s Protecting Hand For Thy protection, Father of mercies Thou wilt protect me, truly protect me
74 He Has Called Us He has called us to battle foes lively and strong With courage keep up the good fight;
75 Strange Things How strange the written word of God The Gospel’s light of glory shineth
76 His People Need Care The Lord does look down in His caring way There’s shepherds and watchmen for you
77 We Have Found We have found servants true, those who care for our soul Oh, what care for our souls and with lasting appeal
78 Our Pilgrimage Journey Our Father planned that life be a journey Oh! the redemption of Jesus so precious
79 Meal Graces For Thy mercies new each morning
80 Hidden by Thee Under Thy wings, O Lord, safe in Thy care
81 Marriage Hymn Lord, bless us now, mature in life
82 Wedding Hymn We offer thanks to God, our Father, now Our love will deepen as we keep it daily
83 Anniversary Hymn We offer thanks to God, our Father, for God’s love with ours has been a blessing and
84 Precious Things Precious is the Gospel seed Corner stone Christ Jesus, chosen of God
85 Thy Holy Word Send Thy Word so pure and true Every Word of God is pure
86 That He Might Be With Them Jesus chose disciples, called them, yet so few With them, with them in their weeping
87 Inspired Word of God God in His infinite wisdom Reserved forever
88 Are You Willing There’s a place in God’s great fam’ly Are you willing, are you willing
89 The Sinner’s Plea My aching heart knows that I’m a sinner
90 Jesus My Shepherd Jesus my Shepherd, has drawn me unto Him He’s the good Shepherd, always so caring
91 Look Up Good to look back to the hole of the pit O, how happy to find soul rest
92 Have You Found the Christ? Have you sought for Christ, with an earnest plea
93 You Must Be Born Again Christ came a light into this world You must be born again, to be a child of God
94 The Changed Life Jesus our Lord and our Saviour, in leaving His home abovee The Gospel effected a miracle, life so new
95 The Sacred Scriptures God’s sacred Word, a treasure rare Safe as a guide, kept by our side
96 The Golden Sceptre From the descendants of Abraham’s seed Sceptre of righteousness
97 Be Careful You now have been placed on the highway of life Oh hearken, be careful, keep watching for dangers on ahead;
98 O Praise the Lord O praise the Lord, our God and Heav’nly Father So while I live, I will continue praising
99 How Far Will You Go? Oh, how long do you intend to seek for straying sheep?
100 Watch Watch your words, dear friend, oh, remember Watch your heart, dear friend, there abundance reigns
101 O Foolish Ones O foolish ones, in your vain mind
102 Kingdom of God Consider now the Kingdom of God King of the Kingdom, our Lord and Saviour
103 In Spirit and in Truth Sin separates us from our Heav’nly Father Our Father seeks true worshippers to serve Him
104 Second Chances Often our first thoughts costly are Then we can see, and wiser be
105 Spirit Divine Promised of God, if we will obey
106 The Holy Spirit Holy Spirit of God the ownership seal Holy Spirit of God was the promise fulfilled
107 What Must I Do? With a farmer’s rich soil, reaping much for toil Just obey, when the Lord will speak
108 Ask, Seek, and Knock By trusting this promise in Jesus’ own words
109 Crowned in Glory Unto a sin-darkened world Jesus came Ready to do His Father’s Will
110 Promised Crowns Continue to run, in the race to the end You shall receive, you shall receive
111 Tests and Temptations If you’re straying from your goal, and no rest within your soul Oh, let faith that works by love be your desire
112 The Master’s Voice The seeing eyes of Jesus our Saviour In love the Master is calling