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B5301 88
5.5×8.5” coil-bound A Collection of Hymns, Songs, and Poems
May Schulz
A collection of the 31 hymns and songs and 67 poems written by May (Carroll) Schulz. Includes music notation for all the hymns.
B5302 88
8.5×11” coil-bound A Collection of Hymns, Songs, and Poems
May Schulz
A collection of the 31 hymns and songs and 67 poems written by May (Carroll) Schulz. Includes music notation for all the hymns. (large print)

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B5301A is the table of contents for the hymns, B5301B is the table of contents for the poems. They are bound together in one book.

Table of contents for B5301A
Number Hymn Title First line
1 I Sought to Find the Christ of God
2 If But Thine Heart Would Hear He speaks thro’ every bird that sings
3 Chastened Heart He sends the cold grey rain
4 The Secret There is no place on land or sea
5 Except Ye One day He took a little child
6 The Watchman Watch, comrade, watch!
7 Together Together: Oh, what sweeter word
8 Sanctuary Sanctuary of all oppressed
9 Increase Our Faith
10 Dear Saviour, Let Thy Peace
11 A Prayer Lord, keep my mind from evil thought
12 If It Had Not Been the Lord
13 Cool of the Day I heard Him in the whisper
14 To Whom, Lord, Shall We Go?
15 Immanuel Lord, I would take Thy yoke and learn of Thee
16 Helpless Creatures of the Dust
17 Prayer of a Boy Oh, loving Lord Jesus
18 Prayer of a Girl Blest Child of Nazareth
19 Still Waters My Belovèd speaks, And lo!
20 Harmony Come let us sing a glad new song
21 Child, In Whose Virgin Soul
22 Lord, Grant Thy People Grace
23 Salute to the Levites in Jordan The sullen Jordan rolled
24 Hidden Lord, within my heart doth dwell
25 Dark, Dark the Night
26 Resurrection Oh, weep no more, brave heart
27 Out of the Depths
28 Rest, Weary Heart
29 When I Awake When o’er the hills I see the shadows creeping
30 Lord, Grant My Life
31 Lord, We Rest in Peace Abiding

Table of contents for B5301B
Page Number Poem Title First line
1 Good Tidings of Great Joy I have found Him! I have found Him!
2 His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful There is no name in earth or Heaven
3 The Beginning and the End There isn the sacred temple courts
4 God So Loved I asked the rising sun one fresh and lovely morn
4 Without Him Was Not Anything Made That Was Made I see Him when the dawn has followed night
5 Mounting Wing My soul is as the lark that cannot sing
5 The Keys Perchance the hands of life have shut some gate
6 No Silent Harp Oh, Babylon, thy deepest pang
7 The Same The same great Lord of yesterday
8 The Advocate Before the Judge of all the earth
8 Even Me Long years before the world began
9 The Value of a Hand Have you ever found the pleasure
10 Inditing a Good Matter Oh that my poor feeble words
11 Watchman What of the Night? The long, long night is waning
12 The evening and the Morning Were the First Day The gentle breeze that ushers in the dawn
13 No Bruising Ston The Lord who made us knows full well
13 Evening Star Oh! childlike faith! That in the hours of loss
14 The Valley of Baca All feet some time must tread the lonely road
15 The Distaff Since Mother Eve was chosen first
16 My Friends “A little while I rest with you, My friends”
17 Take These Things Hence How oft life’s earthly merchandise
18 Turtle Dove Beloved Lord I come to Thee
19 His Father’s Business When the merciful Father sent His own Son
20 His Majesty the King The joyful song of Angel choir
21 Anoint Mine Eyes Anoint mine eyes that I may see
21 Arise and Shine Awake! Awake! Oh Bride of Christ
22 Jerusalem to Jericho A weary world oft turns away its face
23 My Father’s House I am thinking tonight of my Father’s house
24 Today I Must Abide At Thy House To think the Holy One and Just
24 Our Father in Thy Heaven Above Our Father, in Thy Heaven above
25 Oh Death! Where Is Thy Sting? Life with its triumphs, its joys, and its tears
26 Creation in Her Travail Waits Creation in her travail waits
27 The Lost Sheep Out on the mountain side
28 Song of the Sheep The future lies an unknown road
29 Vision Here waiting in the vale of prayer
30 No More the Grieving Thorn No more the grieving thorn shall wound thy hand
30 When My Heart Is Overwhelmed When my heart is overwhelmed
31 I Fly Unto Thee to Hide Me On battered wings of weary dove
32 This Woman One day she came to Simon’s house
33 Tomorrow Have you thought about tomorrow?
33 Holy Ground Now in the silent sanctuary
34 The Magnitude of Loss In spite of all the pain He bore
35 The Sacrifices of God I am sitting here and thinking at the setting of the sun
35 Blessed Merciful Redeemer Blessed merciful Redeemer
36 Upon the Lintel of My Door Above the dark Egyptian land
37 “Emmaus” Draw near, dear Lord, and walk beside us now
37 Adieu Earth holds no refuge for the soul
38 Then I Shall Know When Life with all its stress and tired strain
38 How Wilt Thou Do in the Swelling of Jordan? O, Thou gentle Friend of sinners
39 To Those I Love God’s mercy brighter than you stars
40 The Whose Shall These Things Be? While generations come and go
41 The Guest He came, a Guest, to Simon’s home
42 I Dreamed of a Little House I dreamed, I dreamed of a little house
42 To Us a Son Is Born When first they laid you in my arms
43 Cradle Song Hush my darling! Angels keep
43 Beauty For Ashes To every songster God has given
44 Our Daily Bread Dear Father in thy heaven above
44 When Thou Art Old A quiet corner far removed from strife
45 The Sentinel Lost! Lost upon the dark and dreadful deep
46 Spikenard Upon the heights of Himalayon hills
47 Time Oh Time! Inexorable Time
47 Bereft Why seems the voice of the joyous bird
48 Lest We Forget When Christ the Son of God came down to earth
51 A Plea For Conservation The trees lift up beseeching arms
51 Man O’ Mine We have sailed wide seas together
52 An Aussie’s Story There was haze across the paddock
54 Sorrows of a nation There is a little grieving whisper