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8.5"×11" coil-bound Sheaves of Wheat
Dale Richardson
A collection of the 88 hymns written or chosen by Dale Richardson. Includes music notation for all the hymns.

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Table of contents for B5501
Collection Track Track DR Number Titles First line Chorus Meter Short Meter
1 1 1 My All I Give to Thee Heavenly Father, let me see My all, I give to Thee
2 2 2 Accept Me Today As time moves on I clearly see My God accept me today
3 3 3 Solid Rock I'm building on the solid Rock On Solid Rock, on Solid Rock L.M.D
4 4 4 Not My Will But Thine Jesus in Gethsemane Not my will but Thine be done
5 5 5 How Long Has it Been When the struggles of life How long has it been
6 6 6 Rainbow The beautiful Rainbow stretched up in the sky Rainbows, beautiful Rainbows
7 7 7 Thy Will, Dear Lord When I must pass through waters deep Thy will be done upon the earth C.M.D
8 8 8 The Dark Night When sad is your heart and nothing seems bright
9 9 9 The Choice Is Mine I can be strong, I can be brave L.M.
10 10 10 For I Am Thine Lord at Thy feet I bow
11 11 11 Remember Me O Thou, from whom all goodness flows C.M.
12 12 12 My Times My times are in Thy hand S.M.
13 13 13 Gentle Spirit Gentle Spirit, do not leave me
14 14 14 Have You Counted the Cost There's a line that is drawn Have you counted the cost
15 15 15 In Tune with Jesus Oh! To be in tune with Jesus Harmony, unity, Jesus is our melody
16 16 16 Eternity's Dawn If the Saviour would come He will come as a thief in the night
17 17 17 Our Hope Our hearts sing out in praise today C.M.D
18 18 18 Love Love is gentle, Love is kind
19 19 19 We'll Reap What We Sow Oh, let us be careful while sowing our seed We'll reap whatsoever we sow
20 20 20 Turn There are husks around you Turn your mind t'wards Jesus
21 21 21 I Shall Not Pass This Way Again The bread that giveth strength Because I shall not pass again this way
22 22 22 I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord I love Thy kingdom, Lord S.M.
23 23 23 These Are the Things For ev'ry hill I've had to climb
24 24 24 Blest Be the Tie That Binds Blest be the tie that binds S.M.
25 25 25 My Jesus, I Love Thee My Jesus, I love Thee
26 26 26 Jesus Is Always There Sometimes our skies are cloudy and dreary Never a burden that He doth not carry
27 27 27 A Few More Years Shall Roll A few more years shall roll Then, O my Lord, prepare S.M.D
28 28 28 In Jesus' Name In Jesus name, we come again
29 29 29 Sermons We See I soon can learn to do it I'd rather see a sermon
30 30 30 Simplicity The way of the Lord The older we grow
31 31 31 All Things Bright and Beautiful All things bright and beautiful
32 32 32 The Lord Will Provide Though troubles assail us
33 33 33 Until Then My heart can sing But until then
34 34 34 Behind the Scenes They brought the word of Sodom's fate
35 35 35 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee
36 36 36 I'll Live for Thee My life, my love, I give to Thee I'll live for Thee
37 37 37 I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone when I come to the river at ending of day I won't have to cross Jordan alone
38 38 38 Where You Want Me It may not be on the mountain's height I'll go where You want me to go, dear Lord
39 39 39 Unto Us a Child is Born Unto us a child is born
40 40 40 The Unwritten Gospel There''s a gospel according to you There's a gospel according to you
41 41 41 A Shepherd True The words of Jesus spoke of yore Oh, love and feed my lambs and sheep L.M.D
42 42 42 Bethel's Vow I aimlessly wandered in darkness of night
43 43 43 Weary Pilgrim Weary pilgrim on thy way Let a sweet song ring deep within
44 44 44 Just Today Another day to walk His pathway! Yes, just today is all He asks me
45 45 45 Grace He giveth more grace Grace, grace, He giveth more grace
46 46 46 Could I Forget Oh, could I forget
47 47 47 Glowing Heart Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise Thee
48 48 48 In the Will of God In the will have God
49 49 49 God Requires a Living Offering God requires a living offering Hear us as we come , dear Saviour
50 50 50 What If It Were Today Jesus is coming to earth again Glory, glory, glory
51 51 51 Deep, Deep Love of Jesus O the deep, deep love of Jesus
52 52 52 A Sinner Like Me I was once far from the Saviour
53 53 53 Mercy Seat From ev'ry stormy wind that blows L.M.
54 54 54 There Is a Fountain There is a fountain filled with blood
55 55 55 At Eventide As shadows fall at eventide
56 56 56 Wherever He Leads Take up thy cross and follow Me Wherever He leads I'll go
57 57 57 Jesus, I Come Out of my bondage, sorrow and night
58 58 58 Thanks to God Thanks to God for my Redeemer
59 59 59 O Little Town of Bethlehem O little town of Bethlehem
60 60 60 Ready Ready to suffer grief or pain Ready to go, ready to stay
61 61 61 Is That Somebody You? Someone by faith has been born again
62 62 62 Pass It On Have you had a kindness shown?
63 63 63 Take My Life Take my life and let it be
64 64 64 So Send I You So send I you to labor unrewarded As the Father hath sent me
65 65 65 No Room No beautiful chamber No room, no room
66 66 66 Purer Yet and Purer Purer yet and purer
67 67 67 More More holiness give me
68 68 68 An Evening Prayer If I have wounded any soul today
69 69 69 In My Heart Let the light of life keep shining in my heart
70 70 70 God in Heaven God in heaven has a treasure
71 71 71 Alone Friend, your soul is at stake For alone here you live
72 72 72 The Life of the Righteous From the tops of the rocks and hills I see them When I think of those who lived so true
73 73 73 God Hath Not Promised God hath not promised But God hath promised
74 74 74 Why Are My Hands So Tied? Today I sit lonely and silent
75 75 75 All the Way My Saviour Leads Me All the way my Saviour leads me
76 76 76 Teach Me, Oh, Master! Teach me, oh, Master!
77 77 77 Speak Gently Speak gently, it is better far C.M.D
78 78 78 I Know That My Redeemer Lives I know that my Redeemer lives My life is in the Master's hands C.M.D
79 79 79 Keep True to the Lord From heaven above in infinite love Keep true to the Lord
80 80 80 All My Springs All my springs arise in Jesus
81 81 81 Psalm One A man is blest that hath not bent
82 82 82 The Faithful Gone Before It singeth low in every heart C.M.D
83 83 83 Your Mission If you cannot, on the ocean
84 84 84 The Vacant Chair We shall meet, but we shall miss them We shall meet but we shall miss them Six 8.7s
85 85 85 Parting Hymn Heavenly Father, we beseech Thee Bless the words we here have spoken
86 86 86 We're Sowing The fields are white We're sowing, we're sowing
87 87 87 Still, Still With Thee Still, still with Thee Still, still with Thee
88 88 88 Hearts It Is the World Requires Hearts it is the world requires