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B5601 94
OUT OF STOCK 8.5×11” coil-bound Hymns and Poems
Kenneth Dissmore
2005 edition. A collection of 71 hymns and 17 poems written by Kenneth Dissmore. Includes music notation for all the hymns.
B5602 94
5.5×8.5” coil-bound Hymns and Poems
Kenneth Dissmore
2005 edition. A collection of 71 hymns and 17 poems written by Kenneth Dissmore. Includes music notation for all the hymns.

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Table of contents for B5601
KD Number Title First line Chorus Composer Tune name
1 O Taste and See O taste and see
2 Jesus Is Waiting Sometimes the shadows Jesus is waiting
3 I Never Can Forget the Day I never can forget the day
4 Jesus Will Keep How could we ever forget Jesus will keep
5 Impelled by Love The God of Heaven Impelled by love
6 Live Close to God So many seek Then turn to God
7 Hasten to Jesus Hasten to Jesus Then you shall know Him Elisha A. Hoffman Orwigsburg
8 King of My Soul I heard the Saviour calling
9 Beautified With True Salvation You may now be near Through the fire
10 The Angels Are Waiting The earth has been planted Home, home
11 Life’s Day Life passes like a shadow Life’s day is like a shadow
12 Safe in Jesus Jesus found me Safe in Jesus
13 Hear Thou the Call Hear thou the call
14 Life’s Short Day Sweet to know the gospel story Life’s short day
15 From Death to Life To live for Christ
16 Lift Up the Torch Lift up the torch Tell what the Lord can do
17 The Pages of Life While the pages of life If only we knew
18 Eternity’s Dawn If the Saviour would come He will come as a thief
19 Go a Little Farther Two shall one day gather
20 With the Lord When the ones we love and cherish With the Lord
21 Beyond the Shadow Just beyond the shadow We are waiting for His coming
22 At Eventide As shadows fall at eventide
23 The Sunset of Life The sunset of life
24 The Mighty Creator My God is the God My God is the mighty
25 Precious Father Precious Father, we plead for Thy leading For thy pleasure, O lord
26 God Speaks The Lord speaks through the Bible The heavens tell His glory
27 God Never Fails Abraham was faithful God could keep the Hebrews
28 Lead Me to Zion Lord lead me to Zion
29 Calmly Enduring Calmly enduring
30 My All I Give to Thee Heavenly Father, help me see My all I give to thee
31 The Everlasting Song The Saviour’s love has won my heart
32 Precious Peace I was wand’ring afar from the Lord There is peace in my soul
33 Peace Within When you hear the Saviour call Peace within
34 I Will Take My Stand I have found a friend in Jesus I will take my stand
35 One Day With Jesus I would rather have one day with Jesus
36 The Lamp of Life Keep the lamp in the home life burning Think of the day of His coming
37 The One We Adore As the morning awakes Then a song from the depths
38 Be a Little Candle Be a little candle Maybe just a little candle
39 Jesus Leads Me There Sometimes my path may be rough Jesus leads me there
40 The Sinner’s Friend The God of Heaven doth proclaim The sinner’s friend
41 Jesus Leads Me Home Jesus found me when a poor lost sinner
42 By the Wayside By the wayside No one could ever do
43 Another Day With Jesus This precious day to us Another day to live
44 He Leadeth Best O noble youth
45 Just to Know I have found, I have found Just to know
46 Chart Thou the Way Sweet as the song of angels Chart Thou the way
47 Time for Doing Cast thy bread upon the waters Summer time will soon be over
48 Resigned I am resigned Ev’rywhere, ev’rywhere
49 I Love the Lord I love the Lord He is my life, my hope, my all
50 I Turned to Him So many times I heard the Saviour I turned to Him
51 The King of Kings The King of kings How could he leave his home
52 Jesus Went Farther Than We No matter how far or rough be the road Jesus went farther than we
53 Look to the Saviour Oh! Look to the Saviour When the Saviour abides in you
54 Take Time for Jesus Take time for Jesus No one is so precious as Jesus
55 In Jesus’ Hands When my heart is heavy burdened I will leave it all to Jesus
56 Jesus Truest Friend of All Hope and peace were seen in Jesus Oh! how sweet to know the Saviour
57 My Shepherd Be God of love, my shepherd be Lord, make me like David
58 God’s Wondrous Work The mountains high display their special beauty
59 Shine for Jesus As the stars that fill the heavens I will live to be a blessing
60 Sing to the Lord Sing to the Lord Oh! what a joy to behold
61 Precious Moments Are Mine Precious moments are mine
62 Just Where He Needs Me I heard the voice of Jesus as He waited Just where He needs me
63 I Cannot Question The will of God is always best I cannot question
64 We Have the Best of It We have the best of it
65 The Lord Is Calling The precious gospel The Lord is calling
66 Cling Not to the Shoreline From bondage in Egypt Cling not to the shoreline
67 Victory and Song There’s a God in the heavens He’s the god of the valley
68 Jesus Is Precious to Me God gave His own Son, my brother to be Jesus is precious to me
69 Roll Back the Curtain Men seek for the treasure hid deeply in earth Lord, roll back the curtain
70 Thy Special Children Heavenly Father, remember Thy children
71 The Saviour Called The Saviour called, persuading me to follow
72 The Standard Poem
73 Be a Worthy Tree Poem
74 Home Is Ahead Poem
75 Reap of Thy Labor Poem
76 Discouragement Poem
77 He Fit In Poem
78 The Vision Poem
79 Jesus Cares for Others Poem
80 He Can Help Poem
81 Elsie Poem
82 One More Year Poem
83 The Master Ne’er Forgets Poem
84 The Comfort of Thoughts Poem
85 In the Heart of Valentine Poem
86 Mother Poem
87 Beyond Life’s Gateway Poem
88 Faithful Service Poem