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B5901 184
8.5×11” coil-bound Collected Hymns
Hymns collected by Scott Price (third edition). Includes music notation for all the hymns.
B5902 184
5.5×8.5” coil-bound Collected Hymns
Hymns collected by Scott Price (third edition). Includes music notation for all the hymns.

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AS Page Number Title First line Chorus Author Composer ██ ███ ████ █████ ██████ ███████ ████████ █████████ ██████████ ███████████ ████████████
1 A Few More Years Shall Roll A few more years shall orll Then, O my Lord, prepare H. Bonar Dr. L. G. Hayne
2 A Homeless Stranger A homeless Stranger amongst us came Crasselius
3 A River Glorious Like a river glorious Is God’s perfect peace Stayed upon Jehovah Hearts are fully blest Frances R. Havergal James Mountain
4 All Life’s Way Not just in moments of doubt or sadness I need Thee, Jesus, thro’ every moment M. Estelle Ritter
5 Amazing Grace Amazing grace! how sweet the sound John Newton Early American Melody arranged by Edwin O. Excel
6 Anywhere With Jesus Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go Anywhere! Anywhere! Fear I cannot know V1-2 Jessie B Pounds v3-4 Helen C. A. Dixon Daviel B. Towner
7 Are You Washed in the Blood? Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing pow’r? Are you washed in the blood Elisha A. Hoffman Elisha A. Hoffman
8 Around the Great Throne From the lips of ten thousand in melody sweet
9 As The Snow that Falls at Even As the snow that falls at even
10 At The End Of The Road There’ll be light in the sky from the palace on high When the long day is ended, the journey is o’er A. H. Ackley A. H. Ackley
11 Be A Little Candle Be a little candle, Light another’s way Maybe, just a little candle Kenneth Dissmore
12 Be Still, My Soul Be still, my soul: the Lord is on they side Katharina Von Schlegel Jean Sibelius
13 Beside The Crystal Sea If for the prize we have striven Home of the soul, Blessed kingdom of Light James Rowe Samuel W. Beazley
14 Blessed Assurance Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine This is my story, this is my song Fanny J. Crosby Mrs. J. F. Knapp
15 Blessed Body Blessed Body, broken, broken
16 Blessed Homeland Blessed Homeland! I’m returning Clarence Carlson John B. F. Wright
17 Bowing, Bending I long that my life could be used, Lord, by Thee Bowing, bending, Lord, I would be Glenn Parish Glenn Parish
18 Bring Them In Hark! ’tis the Shepherd’s voice I hear Bring them in, Bring them in Alexcenah Thomas W. A. Ogden
19 By The Wayside By the wayside I was begging No one could ever do what Jesus did for me Kenneth Dissmore
20 Cease Not Cease not to praise God for all He has Done I will not cease to praise Him for all that He has done James fawcett C. H. L.
21 Chart Thou the Way Sweet as the song of angels Chart Thou the way before me
22 Charity Charity suffers long and envies not
23 Come, Rest “Come rest, dear sower, the precious see you bear” “Come and rest with Me, You are Mine alone” Scott Price Scott Price
24 Day by Day Day by day and with each passing moment Carolina Sandell Berg; translated by Andrew L. Skoog Oscar Ahnfelt
25 Dear Lord, I Bow Dear Lord, I bow at Thy throne of grace Out of the depth, Lord, I cried to Thee Ken Paginton Henry Barraclough
26 Dear Lord, I Pray Dear Lord, I pray be Thou each day my guide Sandy Scott D. Erickson
27 Down From His Glory Down from His glory, Ever living story O how I love Him! How I adore Him! William E. Booth-clibbom Arrange from E. di Capua
28 Each Step I Take Each step I take my Savior goes before me Eath step I take I know that He will lead me
29 Ere You Left Your Room Ere you left your room this morning Oh, how praying rests the weary Mary A. Kidder W. O. Perkins
30 Eternity’s Awakening I stand on the shores of an unknown land Too late! Too late!
31 Far Out at Sea Far out at sea my little ship is tossing
32 Firmly Stand Firmly stand for God, in the world’s mad strife Let us stand on the Rock! Dr. C. R. Blackall W. R. Doane
33 Flee as a Bird Flee as a bird to the mountain Mary S. D. Dana
34 Following Thee Jesus, I my cross have taken Henry F. Lyte from Mozart
35 Gentle Spirit Gentle Spirit, do not leave me Sam Jones Dale Richardson
36 Glory to His Name Down at the cross where my Savior died Glory to His name
37 Go Forth to Tell the Story Go forth to tell the story This news to all go bearing Sandy Scott William G. Firscher
38 God Be With You God be with you till me meet again Till we meet, till we meet Jeremiah E. Rankin William G. Toner
39 God Hath Not Promised God hath not promised skies always blue But God hath promised strength for the day
40 God Gave the Increase God’s word so pure and true But God gives the increase Barbara Coles Russell John Sterling
41 Great Is Thy Faithfulness “Great is Thy faithfulness,” O God my Father “Great is Thy faithfulnees! Great is Thy faithfulness!” T. O. Chisholm William M. Runyan
42 Harvest They came from farm and farmland
43 Have You Counted the Cost? There’s a line that is drawn by rejecting our Lord Have you counted the cost if your soul should be lost A. J. Hodge A. J. Hodge
44 He Hideth My Soul A wonderful Saviour is Jesus, my Lord He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock
45 He Lives I serve a risen Saviour He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today! A. H. Ackley A. H. Ackley
46 He Rose Triumphantly O tell the news around He rose triumphantly Jack Price
47 He Took My Place Sometimes I see through mists of bitter tears He took my place, His life He freely gave
48 Help My Spirit I am on an unknown journey Now the strength with which I journey Barbara Coles Russell John Sterling
49 His Eye Is on the Sparrow Why should I feel discouraged I sing because I’m happy Mrs. C. D. Martin Charles H. Gabriel
50 Homes of Zion Make my home a home of Zion Homes of Zion, Homes of Zion Mary Lou Fontaine Mary Lou Fontaine
51 How Great Thou Art Oh, Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee Carl Gustav Boberg and Stuart K. Hine Swedish folk tune
52 Hornets When the Canaanites hardened their heart against God He does not compel us to go J. E. French
53 How Long Has It Been? How long has it been since you talked with the Lord Mosie Lister Mosie Lister
54 I Know Who Holds Tomorrow I don’t know about tomorrow Many things about tomorrow Ira Stanphill Ira Stanphill
55 Humbly I Lift My Voice Humbly I lift my voice in praise This life of mine I yield to Thee Ken Paginton D. B. Towner
56 I Love My Master I love, I love my Master Rejoicing and adoring J. R. Wright J. S. Bach
57 I Shall Know Him When my life-work is ended, and I cross the swelling tide I shall know Him, I shall know Him Fanny J. Crosby John R. Sweeney
58 I Was There I was there when you were formed within K. S.
59 I Will Not Forget Thee Sweet is the promise — “I will not forget thee” I will not forget thee or leave thee
60 I Will Wait Although the road be long Until the dawn of day John Sterling John Sterling
61 If I’m Found in Heaven I know that I can’t get to heaven alone Oh, I know that this life can’t be conquered alone Tim Seeber Tim Seeber
62 I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go It may not be on the mountain’s height I’ll go where you want me to go, dear Lord Mary Brown Carrie E. Rounsefell
63 In the Garden I come to the garden alone And He walkes with me, and He talks with me C. Austin Miles C. Austin Miles
64 In the Service of Our Master In the service of our Master Sandy Scott French tune
65 It’s Always Darkest Are you discouraged and are you blue It’s always darkest before the dawn John W. Peterson John W. Peterson
66 Ivory Palaces My Lord has garments so wondrous fine Out of the ivory palaces Henry Barraclough Henry Barraclough
67 Jesus, Lover of My Soul Jesus, Lover of my soul Charles Wesley Joseph Parry
68 Jesus Took My Burden When I, a poor, lost sinner, Before the Lord did fall Yes, Jesus took the burden I could no longer bear
69 Jesus, Thou Lover of Souls Having left all that was princely Jesus, Thou lover of souls
70 Just Where He Needs Me I heard the voice of Jesus Just where He needs me Kenneth Dissmore
71 Just a Little Talk With Jesus I once was lost in sin Have a little talk with Jesus Cleavant Derricks
72 Leave Your Fishing Nets Leave your fishing nets drying on the shore Lord, I’ll go with You, Walking by Your side Willard F. Jabusch Jewish Melody
73 Light after Darkness Light after darkness, Gain after loss Frances R. Havergal Ira D. Sankey
74 Lonely Voices Crying in the City Lonely voices crying in the city Billie Hanks, Jr. Billie Hanks, Jr.
75 Londonderry Air Arranged by Harrison Neil
76 Lord, I Want To Be a Miracle Jesus fed the multitude that gathered Lord, I want to be a miracle Barbara Coles Russell Don Puffalt
77 My Captain I will take my Saviour with me As He is, I need Him yet C. O. C. O.
78 Master, the Tempest Is Raging Master the tempest is ranging! “The winds and the waves shal obey My Will” Mary A. Baker H. R. Palmer
79 My Saviour’s Love I stand amazed in the presence How marvelous! How wonderful! Charles H. Gabriel Charles H. Gabriel
80 Near to the Heart of God There is a place of quet rest O Jesus, blest Redeemer Cleland B. McAfee Cleland B. McAfee
81 Nothing But Leaves Nothing but leaves, the Spirit grieves
82 Now the Day Is Over Now the day is over Sabine Baring-Gould Joseph Barnby
83 I’ll Glady Go O Blessed Lord, the night, the night is falling O come Thou back at midnight or at even John Martin
84 O Dios De Las Venganzas Oh, God, the great avenger Juventino Valdez Juventino Valdez
85 O For a Heart ... Whiter Than Snow O for a heart that is whiter than snow O for a heart whiter than snow
86 O Love That Will Not Let Me Go! O love that will not let me go George Matheson Albert L. Pearce
87 O Praise the Lord I praise the Lord for every gift Oh, praise the Lord ye faithful bard Orva Shreck Orth Warrington
88 O Safe to the Rock O safe to the Rock that is higher than I Hiding in Thee, Hiding in Thee William O. Cushing Ira D. Sankey
89 Oh, Arise, My Love Oh, arise My Love, My fair one June M. Lee June M. Lee
90 On Jordan’s Stormy Banks On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand I am bound for the promised land Samuel Stennet American Folk Hymn
91 One Little Hour One little hour of watching with the Master Then sounds be brave and watch until the morrow
92 On The Jericho Road As you travel along On the Jericho road On the Jericho road, There’s room for just two Donald S. McCrossan Donald S. McCrossan arranged by Luther G. Presley
93 Only a Touch Only a touch of Thy hand, dear Lord Only a touch of Thy hand, dear Lord Ida L. Reed B. D. Ackley
94 Onward, Christian Soldiers Onward, Chistian soldiers! Marching as to war Onward, Christian soldiers! Marching as to war Sabine Gould Arthur Sullivan
95 Out of the Depths Out of the depths of the wild, restless sea May Shultz May Shultz
96 Over the Sunset Mountains Over the sunset mountains Over the sunset mountains
97 Precious Gold Precious gold must have its fiery trial And my life that Thou didst take to Thee Elma Wiebe
98 Precious Memories Precious mem’ries, unseen angels Precious mem’ries, how they linger J. B. F. Wright J. B. F. Wright
99 Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me Rock of Ages, cleft for me Augustus M. Topladay Thomas Hastings
100 Seek Ye First Seek ye first not earthly pleasure Georgina M. Taylor Thomas Cairns
101 Salute to the Levites The sullen Jordan rolled, a cold, dark tide May Shultz Bernice M. Lundin
102 So Send I You So send I you; to labor unrewarded “As the Father hath sent me, So send I you.”
103 Some Clouds And Sunshine It takes some clouds and sunshine Glenn Parish Glenn Parish
104 Song Of Ruth Entreat me not to leave you Whither Thou goest I will go v2 by Kristin Warnaca Joyce Elaine Eilers
105 Sowing the Seed of the Kingdom Are you sowing the seed of the kingdom, brother For the harvest time is coming on Fred A. Fillmore Fred A. Fillmore
106 Standing On the Promises Standing on the promises of Christ my King Standing, Standing, Standing on the promise of God my Savior R. Kelso Carter R. Kelso Carter
107 Sweet By and By There’’s a land that is fairer than day In the swee by and by S. F. Bennett J. P. Webster
108 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Swing low, swee chariot Harry T. Burleigh Harry T. Burleigh
109 Taps Day is done, gone the sun
110 Teach Us To Pray Teach us to pray! O Father J. H. Tenney
111 Ten Thousand Angels They bound the hands of Jesus in the garden where He prayed He could have called ten thousand angels Ray Overholt
112 The Altered Motto Oh, the bitter shame and sorrow
113 The Door of the Harvest The youth stood awed before a door Virgie Crosby Mike Lefevre
114 The Fruit of the Spirit Give me no treasures that last but a while Nothing is mine if I must leave it here C. Austin Miles Philip A. Hall
115 The Hidden Blessing When deep distress and sorrow weigh upon me
116 The Harvest Field Brother, have you contemplated Henry Burchill
117 The King of Kings The King of Kings was born in a stable How could He leave His home up in heaven? Kenneth Dissmore
118 The Lord Is My Shepherd (v1) The Lord is my shepherd, I walk at His side Jill Galina Jill Galina
119 The Lord Is My Shepherd (v2) The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I fear
120 The Master Has Come The Master has come and He calls us to follow Sarah Doudney Welsh Melody
121 The Love Of God The love of God is gerater far Oh, love of God, How rich and pure! F. M. Lehman F. M. Lehman arranged by Claudia Lehman Mays
122 The People of God God hath here on earth a people living only for Him J. Wright J. Wright
123 The Servants Of God To a darkened world God gives Kay Stout Myra E. Hill
124 The Straying Sheep How many sheep are straying O come, let us go and find them! E. M. H. Gates Robert Lowry
125 The Servant’s Prayer Father, now mine hour is come Michael Lefevre Michael Lefevre
126 The Sunset of Life The sunset of life is approaching The sunset of life has a beauty Kenneth Dissmore Kenneth Dissmore
127 The Sweetest Story I have heard the sweetest story Tell, O tell the wondrous story Michael Lefevre Michael Lefevre
128 The Unclouded Day O they tell me of a home far beyond the skies O the land of cloudless day Rev. J. K. Alwood Rev. J. K. Alwood
129 The Voice of My Savior Soft and low, soft and low, is the voice that I hear O the voice of my Savior no tongue can describe
130 The Work is Thine The work is Thine, the laborers Thine
131 There Is a Fountain There is a fountain filled with blood William Cowper Early American Melody arranged by Lowell Mason
132 There’s a Wideness There’s a wideness in God’s mercy Frederick W. Faber Lizzie S. Tourjee
133 This World is Not My Home I’ve left the way of death and sin This world, this world is not my home
134 Thou Reignest Over All Thou reignest over all, Lord Gladys Porteous Frederick C. Maker
135 Though Your Sins be as Scarlet “Tho’ your sins be as scarlet” Fanny J. Crosby W. H. Doane
136 Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus O soul, are you weary and troubled? Turn your eyes upon Jesus Helen H. Lemmel Helen H. Lemmel
137 Till the Storm Passes By In the dark of the midnight Have I oft hid my face Till the storm passes over, Till the thunder sounds no more Mosie Lister Mosie Lister
138 The Touch Of The Master’s Hand ’Twas all battered and scarred and the auctioneer
139 What Child is This? What child is this, who, land to rest This, this is Christ the King William C. Dix English Melody
140 What Joy to Know To every life must come a touch of sorrow What joy to know the Savior walks beside me! S. Eicher
141 What Will You Do With Jesus? Jesus is standing in Pilate’s hall What will you do with Jesus? Anonymous M. L. Stocks
142 When The Weary, Seeking Rest When the weary, seeking rest Hear, then, in love, O Lord, the cry H. Bonar W. H. Callcott, last two lines from Mendellsohn
143 When the Roll is Called When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more When the roll is called up yonder James M. Black James M. Black arranged P. J. Mansfield
144 When We All Get to Heaven Sing the wondrous love of Jesus When we all get to heaven E. E. Hewitt Mrs. J. G. Wilson
145 When You Pray At the colse of the day when you kneel to pray Audrey Mieir Audrey Mieir
146 Who is this Man of Sorrows? Who is this that cometh from Edom It is Christ, the King of glory Mrs. C. H. Morris Mrs. C. H. Morris
147 Whispering Hope (revised) Like the faint dawn of the morning Whispering hope, like the song of the angels Mrs. J. I. McClelland Arranged by Clyde Willard from “Whispering Hope”
148 Whispering Hope (original) Soft as the voice of an angel Whispering hope, O how welcome thy voice Alice Hawthorne Alice Hawthorne
149 Whispering Hope (piano score) Soft as the voice of an angel Whispering hope, O how welcome thy voice Alice Hawthorne Alice Hawthorne
150 Why Did He Heed? Why did He heed my weary call