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B6010 168
5.5x8.5” coil-bound Current Hymns
A collection of mostly new hymns. Includes music notation for all the hymns.

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Table of contents for B6010
Number Title First line Chorus Author Composer
1 A Lonely Man A lonely man on a lonely road Our lonely Christ on the lonely cross Scott Price Scott Price
2 A Psalm of Life Tell me not, in mournful numbers Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dale Richardson
3 A Shepherd True The words of Jesus spoke of your “Oh, love and feed my lambs and sheep” Dean Bruer Dale Richardson
4 A Shepherd’s Heart Oh, grant me the heart of a shepherd Kim Swanson Kim Swanson
5 I’ll Ever Sing I love to tell the story of God’s undying Love I’ll ever sing His praises for what He’s done for me Laurence Allenbaugh Jr. Laurence Allenbaugh Jr.
6 A Stretch of Road If the days of our youth be our portion Tim Seeber Tim Seeber
7 A Worker’s Heart A few short years ago I heard “If even only one is saved” Lisa Tripp Rob Shultz
8 Accept Me Today As time moves on, I clearly see My God, accept me today Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
9 As Jesus Teach me to die like Jesus Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
10 Be To Me Be to me bread, Lord, broken so freely Dear father, may I from Thee receive Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
11 Beautiful for Situation Beautiful for situation As we heard it, so we’ve seen it Dorothy Hanson Charles A. Converse
12 Blest Be the Tie That Binds Blest be the tie that binds John Fawcett Dale Richardson
13 Behind the Scenes They brought the word of Sodom’s fate Ben McMaine Dale Richardson
14 Boundary Lines The lines are fallen in pleasant places Jack Price Josephine Goodlaxson
15 Behold Thy King Behold thy King; He comes to thee Oh, Jesus, be my King, I pray Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
16 Better, Far Better This world may have wealth, but its riches will fail men Better, far better, if we lose in the present L. S. W. A. S.
17 Christ Laid Aside His Garments Christ laid aside His garments Robert Doecke Dale Richardson
18 Come, Rest “Come rest, dear sower, the precious seed you bear” “Come and rest with Me” Scott Price Scott Price
19 Consider the End I envied the wicked, the foolish, the proud Consider the end Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
20 In Darkest Hour In darkest hour, we turn to Christ the Savior Jason Stein Mary Lou Todd
21 Could I Forget Oh, could I forget ere the light came to me Peter Svinth Dale Richardson
22 Dear Lord, We Thank Thee Dear Lord, we thank Thee for each little child Dear Father, keep them all as one Margaret Hanson C. Austin Miles
23 Dear Parents Fathers, mothers, you’ve been trusted Margaret Hanson C. F. Witt
24 Deeper Help me move deeper, Lord, into Your will Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
25 Deeper Death Commandment came to Joshua of old Oh, be strong and of good courage now Sarah Baseman Sarah Baseman
26 Divine Love God’s perfect Love, I do not understand What Divine Love! Came from above Laurence Allenbaugh Jr. Laurence Allenbaugh Jr.
27 Do Not Fear O do not sorrow, wand’ring sheep “O do not fear, for I wil rise” Rob Shultz Rob Shultz
28 Don’t Be Discouraged Don’t be discouraged when rough is the way I struggle up mountains faith can remove Craig Winquist
29 Don’t Undo Victories Think where you’ve been, where you’ve come to Thousands of tears, vict’ries hard won Emmy Nelson Emmy Nelson
30 Each First Day of the Week With one uplifted voice and heart No ear can ever hear Scott Price J. W.
31 Examples As life goes onward, and people die Austin Ramsden Mrs. C. H. Morris
32 Faith to Firmly Stand Alone God, favour me the vict’ry to win Grant me faith, Oh my God Sarah Baseman Richard A Whiting
33 Father of Israel Father in Heaven, O Essence of Love Teach me to love as Thou has first loved me Laurence Allenbaugh Jr. Laurence Allenbaugh Jr.
34 Fear The fear of man a snare doth bring Dan Fox Dan Fox
35 Feed My Lambs “Feed my lambs and feed my sheep” J. R. Hoyum Richard Redhead
36 For I Am Thine Lord, at Thy feet I bow Ken Paginton Dale Richardson
37 For Me Thy Life Was Given For me Thy life was given Margaret Gutierrez Margaret Gutierrez
38 Garden Experiences God in Heav’n created all things Dan Fox Dan Fox
39 Gentle Spirit Gentle Spirit, do not leave me Sam Jones Dale Richardson
40 Gentle Whispers What do we hear as we’re quiet Gentle whispers, Gentle whispers Rich Johnson William Oscar Perkins
41 Gethsemane With those He loved, across the vale of Kidron Tim Seeber Tim Seeber
42 God Has Called Us From Sin God has called us from sin that we might walk with Him O Father be Thou ever near unto me George W Peterson George W Peterson
43 God is Greater There is nothing, there is nothing Susan Cobb Scott Price
44 God is Right God is right when to me all may seem darkness God is right; He takes note of great and small Dan Fox Dan Fox
45 God’s Love This earth’s pleasures and bright glitter are but for a moment and fading away Mary Lou Marx Mary Lou Marx
46 God’s Provision Through a parched and a sun-smitten land I had trod Kim Swanson Kim Swanson
47 Gold Our God has sought and loved us; in us He saw the gold The gold is now made ready Rich Johnson John A Lloyd
48 Gold of the Kingdom Oh God, we thank Thee for pillars today Though body and strength my be ebbing away Tim Seeber Tim Seeber
49 Grace to Love I pray for grace, oh Lord, to love the quiet place of prayer Tim Seeber Tim Seeber
50 Hannah As Hannah weaned Samuel, ere filling her vow Kim Swanson Kim Swanson
51 Hear the Saviour Hear the Saviour gently calling in the wilderness so drear J. R. Hoyum Denise Boettcher
52 Hear Wisdom Calling The Lord by His wisdom Kim Swanson Kim Swanson
53 Guide Me, Father When I’m passing through the valley oft alone and pressed with care Guide me, Father, ever guide me from German hymnbook
54 Help Me to Stand Help me to stand true in the soundness of Thy life Slade Blend Slade Blend
55 Help Me to Trust So much in life is a mystr’y Oh, help me to trust Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
56 I Want to Help I want to help and to be a blessing I know there has been, and still is in me Doug Murphy M. Isabelle Ritter
57 I Hear Him Across the ages, I hear Him weeping Tim Seeber Tim Seeber
58 I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord I love Thy kingdom, Lord Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
59 I Was There I was there when you were formed within Kim Swanson
60 I Will Rest When I come to the end of life’s journey I will rest in the Hope of my Savior Laurence Allenbaugh Jr. Laurence Allenbaugh Jr.
61 If Waves If waves are not crashing upon the shore My mercy t’ward mankind is over Rich Johnson T. M. Bowdish
62 In Just a Twinkling In just a twinkling of our very eyes Father, we pray, our lives today Laurence Allenbaugh Jr. Laurence Allenbaugh Jr.
63 Into My Heart The Son of God, the perfect One Dan Fox Dan Fox
64 In the Sanctuary At the dawn I seek Thee Pour thy heart out to the Rock Scott Price Scott Price
65 In Jesus’ Name In Jesus’ name, we come again Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
66 In Tune With Jesus Oh! To be in tune with Jesus Harmony; unity; Jesus is our melody Dean Bruer Dale Richardson
67 Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord? When you’re limited within by your nature Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Kim Swanson Kim Swanson
68 I’m Waiting for the Morning How dark the night of tribulation reaching into my soul I’m waiting for the morning the breaking of the day Maja Brown Lewis Henry Redner
69 Isaiah 55 For ev’ryone that thirsty is The mountains and the hills shall sing Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
70 Jesus is Coming Our Savior is coming to claim His own Bride Jesus is coming; it may be today Helen Mose Helen Mose
71 It Will All Soon Be Over It will all soon be over Slade Blend Slade Blend
72 Life”s Day Is Ending Dear Lord, we humbly thank Thee Ken Paginton Dale Richardson
73 Lord, We Come Lord, we come before Thee now George W Peterson George W Peterson
74 Jesus Is... Savior, Redeemer, Comforter, Friend Ev’ry knee shall bow, Ev’ry tongue confess Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
75 Jewels of Failure When failure comes and hopeless fears o’ertake me Renouncing sin I find this teasure true Rob Shultz Rob Shultz
76 Just Once More Lead me through this one last shadowed valley Just once more, Lord, once again I pray Thee Edwin Keith Olson from French hymnbook
77 Just Today Another day to walk His pathway Yes, just today is all He asks me S. DeLyser Dale Richardson
78 Let Me Not Stay Why must I leave my native land and kindred But I have seen a vision of that land Lealand Broughton Oskar Ahnfelt
79 Lord, Today Lord, today we give Thee all honor and praise Slade Blend Slade Blend
80 Let Us Be Willing Let us be willing, gladly pursue On heaven’s dawn, the willing will rise Wayne Hutchinson Phoebe Knapp
81 Love the Lord Often we are told that the Lord’s command is to love with all our heart L. S. L. S.
82 My Friend Lord, today, all alone and forsaken Lord, today, draw near, reassure me Laurence Allenbaugh Jr. Laurence Allenbaugh Jr.
83 My Soul is Grieving Oh, Lord, my soul is grieving Juventino Valdez
84 Mended As children bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend Mary Lou Marx
85 Nature of the Dove My Saviour’s nature true appeals to my poor heart His nature I would love, although I see my sin Rich Johnson Felix Mendelssohn
86 Not My Will But Thine Not my will but Thine Jill Zimmer Jill Zimmer
87 Not My Will In the wilderness, God His children led Not My Will, Not My Will Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
88 Our Joy is in the Lord Our Joy is in the Lord, residing in His Will Westin Price Isaac Woodbury
89 O Awaken! When defeat would lead me captive Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
90 Restore Kindle the love again Rich Johnson Ira David Sankey
91 Promise of God I will never, never fail you Nought has failed of any promise Willis Propp Kevin Cowan
92 Oh, Arise, My Love, My Fair One Oh, arise, My love, My fair one June Lee June Lee
93 Oh, Lift Up Your Eyes So often our vision is earthward “Oh, wander on more o’er wastelands of your” Rich Johnson Thoro Harris
94 Oh! That We Listen Oh! that we listen for the Master’s voice Slade Blend Slade Blend
95 Oh, Wondrous Love I want to tell of God’s great love Laurence Allenbaugh Jr. Laurence Allenbaugh Jr.
96 Oh, To Be a Good Example Tho’ I’m but a little child Oh, to be a good example Deshka McConnell / D. L. O. Frank Davis
97 Our Calling The calling of Abram was “Leave your home’s rest” Our calling is priceless; how do we respond Rich Johnson James E. Spilman
98 Only Wait Oft I hear a gentle whisper o’er me stealing “Only wait,” again I hear that whisper Mary Lou Marx Albert B. Simpson
99 Precious Gifts Give to Me thy love today Love and follow, live for Me Don Davidson Don Davidson
100 Our Fervent Prayer O heav’nly Father, hear our fervent prayer Oh help us, Lord, to always seek Thy presence Sam Pflaum Sam Pflaum
101 Our Happiness Happiness is knowing God’s eternal peace Ken Lerwick Ken Lerwick
102 Our Hope Our hearts sing out in praise today Dean Swenson Dale Richardson
103 Our Hope of Salvation Our hope of salvation is found in the Lord Don Davidson Don Davidson
104 Our King Jesus came down from heaven’s splendid glory He’ll be a friend, stick closer than a brother Loren Quick Harlan Young
105 Overflowing The joy, the peace that Thou dost send The comfort Thou alone dost give Lisa Tripp Rob Shultz
106 Please, Dear Jesus Please, dear Jesus, be my friend and walk with me today Margaret Hanson Margaret Hanson
107 Smaller Jesus thanked Hs Father because it was His will Smaller, yes, smaller I’m longing to be Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
108 Prayers To prayers of a stranger Willis Propp Juventino Valdez
109 Psalm 95 Our Almighty God made the heaven and earth O come let us praise God and joyfully sing Margaret Hanson Margaret Hanson
110 Peace Within To be like Christ I hope to grow Sweet peace within I’m thankful for Daniel Farris Daniel Farris
111 Rend Your Heart You have sinned, but I will pardon Rend your heart and not your garments Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
112 Separation Lord, separate me to Thy work again Tho’ the separation painful be Sarah Baseman Sarah Baseman
113 Sometimes God Says No Sometimes we ask for sunshine Kamela LiaBraaten Kamela LiaBraaten
114 Sorrow No More The Resurrection Day dispels my sorrow Don Davidson Don Davidson
115 Standing at the Foot of the Cross Standing at the foot of the cross I see Jesus my Saviour Emmy Nelson Emmy Nelson
116 Song of the Ransomed In our responding to the Gospel story revelation came O Join in song of blest release from all our bondage of the past Willis Propp Juventino Valdez
117 Songs of Midnight Sing with me sweet songs of midnight Rich Johnson William W. Coe
118 Take My Life Take my life and let it be Frances Ridley Havergal Dale Richardson
119 Wings of an Eagle On wings of an Eagle Oh, let us draw near now Philip Farris Laurence Allenbaugh Jr.
120 The Answer, Lord, is Yes The riches of Thy goodness, Lord, today The answer, Lord, is yes unto Thy plea Jason Munckton Craig Winquist
121 The Battlefield A lonely secret battlefield lies hidden in my mind Kim Swanson Kim Swanson
122 The Bride My Lord I denied in the test before men My love freely gave, Life and blood to refine Don Davidson P. Bilhort
123 Weary Pilgrim Weary pilgrim on they way Let a sweet song ring deep within thy soul Sandy Scott Dale Richardson
124 The Call of God The call of God is seldom heard Slade Blend Slade Blend
125 The Christ Within As we look upon the person J. R. Hoyum Gail Ramsden
126 The Final Victory We raise the banner of our Lord Jennifer Davies Jennifer Davies
127 The Bridge of Tomorrow The bridge of tomorrow, as I look ahead The bridges I’ve crossed in the past have been safe L. S. L. S.
128 The First of My First O Lord, I bring to Thee today Take the first of my first and the best of my best Alan Anderson Alan Anderson
129 The Gift of Love Though I may speak with bravest fire Hal Hopson, Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
130 The Greatest Comfort The greatest comfort in this life is Christ for me Jason Munckton Tim Seeber
131 The Harvest They come from farm and farmland Don Puffalt
132 The Harvest They come from farm and farmland Justin H. Krecht
133 The House God is Building There is no house like the house God is building Slade Blend Dutch melody arr. By Edward Kremser
134 The King of Kings The King of Kings was born in a stable How could He leave His home up in heaven Kenneth Dissmore W. B. Stevens & J. R. Baxter Jr
135 The Lesson of the Candle It’s not the gifts that fall my way that make me richer Kim Swanson Kim Swanson
136 The Love of The Saviour The love of the Saviour is tender and true George W Peterson George W Peterson
137 The Scent of Water There’s hope of a tree, if it be cut down Kim Swanson Kim Swanson
138 The Ship Our fellowship with One so dear The Ship must forward go Don Davidson Sam Pflaum
139 The Storms in Our Life The storms in our life do engulf us Our loving God sees from above Rich Johnson F. A. Graves
140 These Clouds Hang Low These clouds hang low o’er us today Oh, guide our eyes that we may see Rich Johnson William Doane
141 The Touch of Your Hand Dear Lord, I pray that You would hear my heart’s deep longing cry The touch of Your hand Mary Lou Marx Daniel W. Whittle
142 The Voice of Jesus Calls The voice of Jesus calls George W Peterson George W Peterson
143 Through The Storm When all seems dark and clounds your path o’ershadow Mary Lou Marx Mary Lou Marx
144 There Is A Fountain Pure There is a fountain pure Thou art the Fountain Head Willis Propp Kevin Cowan
145 When Life is Full of Promise When life is full of promise, the sun is shining bright Dan Fox Dan Fox
146 This Coming Day If in this coming day I die Scott Price Scott Price
147 This, Too, Shall Pass The raging storm against my soul is crashing Kim Swanson Kim Swanson
148 Thou Art By My Side As I walk through the shadow of death Denise Boettcher Denise Boettcher
149 Thy Will Be Done My Lord, who wills that none should perish Doug Murphy Willis Williams
150 Thy Will, Dear Lord When I must pass through the waters deep Thy will be done upon the earth unknown, added to by Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
151 The Word is Forever Thy word, O Lord, is forever The words of the Saviour George W Peterson George W Peterson
152 Thy Tender Love Lowly before my Savior’s feet Mary Lou Marx Mary Lou Marx
153 To the Saints We appreciate your homes Keep on praying, caring, coming Pearl Musgrove George W Peterson
154 We Walk This Path of Life We walk this path of life but once Dan Fox Dan Fox
155 Time Time, it did have its beginning A time to be born and a time to die Dan Fox Dan Fox
156 Time for God Time for God, in His love Time for the Savior in our lives Sam Pflaum Sam Pflaum
157 To the Waters “Ho, all that are thirsty” Holy Spirit so strong Slade Blend Slade Blend
158 Turn There are husks around you Turn your mind t’words Jesus Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
159 ’Twas Love ’Twas love that sent His only Son down from their heav’nly home Tim Seeber Tim Seeber
160 A Voice from the Homeland A voice falls soft upon my ear “Weep not for me, I’ve gone before” Sarah Baseman Mary Baseman
161 Vict’ry When life is a struggle, and flesh is so strong Then, Oh! Please remember, your Lord faced it too Loren Quick Harlan Young
162 We Appreciate Your Going We appreciate your going Keep on going, sowing, singing Margaret Spencer George W Peterson
163 What Matters the Price Oh, what matters the price you must pay Oh, what matters the price you must pay J. R. Hoyum Jason Stein
164 When Israel When Israel, when Jacob’s house, went out of Egypt’s land Slade Blend Slade Blend
165 What Shall I Say? What shall I say When troubled is my soul This will I say: Thy name be glorified Elinor Kleeb Walter S. Martin
166 When Walking in Darkness When walking in darkness outside the fold Oh, may we be thankful and praise Him more George W Peterson George W Peterson
167 Who, Lord, Will Fill Those Shoes? Who will find that quiet time Who, Lord, will fill these shoes? Tom Davis & many friends Tom Davis & many friends
168 Will Fruit Abound? There’s a story of Jesus that never grows old The seed is the gospel L. S. L. S.
169 Wisdom Oh, where can wisdom be found? Dan Fox Dan Fox
170 Within My Heart Many years my heart was longing for Thee Now my heart is at rest and contented Joanie Thomack
171 Yielding All To Thee In life the Master gave to all Yielding all to Thee, Yielding all each day George W Peterson George W Peterson
172 Your Mission If you cannot, on the ocean, sail among the swiftest fleet Ellen Gates John Zundel