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B6200 630
2 volume set 8.5”×11” coil-bound Collected Hymns Books 1-6
P. E. Chamberlain
hymns compiled by P. E. Chamberlain
B6201 630
2 volume set 5.5-6”×8.5” coil-bound Collected Hymns Books 1-6
P. E. Chamberlain
hymns compiled by P. E. Chamberlain
B6202 630
2 volume set A4 coil-bound Collected Hymns Books 1-6
P. E. Chamberlain
hymns compiled by P. E. Chamberlain
B6203 630
2 volume set A5 coil-bound Collected Hymns Books 1-6
P. E. Chamberlain
hymns compiled by P. E. Chamberlain

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Table of contents for B6200
Number Title First line of first verse First line of chorus author composer tune
ch 1-1 How Can I Prove My Love I love my Master, by lip I say How can I prove my Love?
ch 1-2 The Potter and the Clay Down by the house of the Potter O Lord, Thou are our Potter
ch 1-3 The Everlasting Song The Saviour’s love has won my heart
ch 1-4 Perfect Trust I’m glad my times are in Thy hands
ch 1-5 Just to Know I have found, I have found, on the journey of life Just to know that my Father is watching above
ch 1-6 Eternity’s Dawn If the Saviour would come would He find your work done He will come as a thief in the night
ch 1-7 God Hath not Promised God hath not promised skies always blue But god hath promised strength for the day
ch 1-8 Nothing Between Nothing between though powers unseen
ch 1-9 Let Me Lean Harder Veiled is the future before me
ch 1-10 Lord Take My Life Today Lord take my life today, As Thou hast planned
ch 1-11 So Send I You So send I you -- to labor unrewarded As the Father hath sent me
ch 1-12 In the Garden What can hope of triumph give us In the garden, in the garden
ch 1-13 Take not Thy Holy Spirit from Me Dark, dark the night on every side
ch 1-14 The Three Children In a little basket under skies of blue God takes care of the children
ch 1-15 The Lord is My Shepherd The Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I fear
ch 1-16 Beside the Still Waters Beside the still waters in pastures I feed Beside the still waters my soul doth abide
ch 1-17 Submission to the Will of God The Saviour’s life is pleasing only God Submission to the will of God is best
ch 1-18 Who at My Door is Standing Who at my door is standing, patiently drawing near Sweetly the tones are falling
ch 1-19 Impelled by Love The God of heaven spoke my name Impelled by love I’ll go again
ch 1-20 Beyond the Shadow Just beyond the shadow is the glowing sun We are waiting for His coming
ch 1-21 Thou Reignest Over All Thou reignest over all, Lord
ch 1-22 Oh, Say Not Ye Oh, say not ye, It’s four more months till harvest
ch 1-23 Out of the Depths Out of the depths of the wild, restless sea
ch 1-24 Homes of Zion Make my home a home of Zion Homes of Zion, Homes of Zion
ch 1-25 Be Brave and True Be brave dear ones all who cared for me Oh yes, be brave; dear ones be true
ch 1-26 Let Me Let me be strong to nullify the weakness
ch 1-27 A Marvelous Work We can see a marvelous work in God’s creation For we see His hand in all creation
ch 1-28 The Sinners Friend The God of heaven doth proclaim The sinner’s friend He came to be
ch 1-29 Sweet is the Rest Sweet is the rest that comes with dawn at last This blessed rest, O Master, give to me
ch 1-30 By the Wayside By the wayside I was begging No on could ever do what Jesus did for me
ch 1-31 Patiently Wait To smile when your heart is breaking To patiently wait for the dawning
ch 1-32 Safe in the Fold I stood alone outside the fold
ch 1-33 Neither do I Condemn Thee By the crowd of worshippers Neither do I condemn thee
ch 1-34 Jesus Leads Me Home Jesus found me when a poor lost sinner
ch 1-35 Be a Little Candle Be a little candle, Light another’s way Maybe just a little candle
ch 1-36 A Beautiful Life Each Day I’ll do, a golden deed Life’s evening sun is sinking low
ch 1-37 I Am Praying While today my heart is yearning For His servants I am praying
ch 1-38 The Rugged Fishers Jesus called the rugged fishers Where He leads me I will follow
ch 1-39 In the Dear Master’s Hand Ah, we saw a young life like a new violin To the dear Master’s hand, the dear Master’s hand
ch 1-40 The Closed Door The closed door, the quiet room
ch 1-41 You’re not Your Own You’re not your own, you belong to God Not your own, not your own
ch 1-42 You’re not Your Own O Lord I know I’m not my own Not my own, not my own
ch 1-43 We Lift our Eyes Lord, give us faith that trusts till shadows lift We lift our eyes unto the hills, O Lord
ch 1-44 Through our Night All through our night of weeping, Lord Weeping endures but for the night
ch 1-45 Could I Tell It If I could only tell Him as I know Him Could I tell it, Could I tell it
ch 1-46 I Am Free Leaving the glories of heaven on high
ch 1-47 Our Hearts, Our Lives, Our All Dear Lord, we bring our hearts, our lives to Thee
ch 1-48 We Shall not Regret It We shall not regret we laboured When life’s over we’ll not regret it
ch 1-49 he Poured His Soul Out Unto Death He poured His soul out unto death
ch 1-50 Go Forth, oh Blessed Sower Go forth, oh blessed Sower Go forth, then go forth
ch 1-51 We Thank Thee, Lord, for Faithful We thank Thee, Lord, for faithful friends
ch 1-52 Hope Thou in God Why art thou cast down, O my soul? Hope thou in God, O soul of mine
ch 1-53 Vision of Christ I need a vision, O my God, of Jesus Thy dear Son
ch 1-54 When You’re not Sure When you’re not sure of what you should be saying
ch 1-55 Gently the Holy Spirit Gently the Holy Spirit Whispers at break of day
ch 1-56 What Counteth Most What counteth most? An inward look revealeth
ch 1-57 Help Me to Die Help me to die, bind me unto thine altar Help me to die, help me to die
ch 1-58 O for a Heart Whiter than Snow O for a heart that is whiter than snow O for a heart whiter than snow
ch 1-59 In the Will of God In the will of God I’ve hid my life
ch 1-60 I Would be True I would be true because my Father trusts me I would be true to all He has committed
ch 1-61 Sing, Brothers, Sing Sing, brothers, sing, and raise your hymns of gladness
ch 1-62 Revive Thy Work Revive Thy work within the years, O Lord
ch 1-63 In the Service of our Master All His sacred Word inspireth In the service of our Master
ch 1-64 Dear Lord, I Pray Dear Lord, I pray be Thou each day my guide
ch 1-65 There Hath not Failed There hath not failed one word of all God promised
ch 1-66 Think of His Sacrifice In love the Saviour no speaks to thee Think of His sacrifice for your sins
ch 1-67 Raised from the Dead Raised from the dead, a soul sin separated
ch 1-68 Life’s Hours In the hour of life’s surging tempest We look to the Lord to help us each day
ch 1-69 Could You Refuse? O youth, to you the Saviour whispers softly
ch 2-70 Live for Others Lord, help me live from day to day Yes others Lord, yes others
ch 2-71 When Deep Distress When deep distress and sorrow weigh upon me
ch 2-72 Example Speaks At eve His own as supper ended Example spoke while lowly serving
ch 2-73 Vaster than Any Ocean Vaster far than any ocean
ch 2-74 Our Guide We are living in a world of sin and sorrow Faithful words of counsel God has given
ch 2-75 David When David was a shepherd boy
ch 2-76 The Path that Jesus Trod We do not know what lies before us The path that Jesus trod is marked by steps of love
ch 2-77 Before the Cross Before the Cross of Calvary I humbly bow
ch 2-78 Clean through the Word Clean through the word He has spoken
ch 2-79 Few are the Labourers See the multitude around you Few are the labourers, few the loyal band
ch 2-80 I Cannot Question The will of god is always best in shadow or in song I cannot question God’s will for me
ch 2-81 Interwoven Bleak is the wind of loneliness
ch 2-82 The Struggle of the Youthful Heart The struggle of a youthful heart But oh if I would be with God eternally
ch 2-83 Surely Goodness and Mercy A pilgrim was I and a-wandering Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
ch 2-84 I Shall not Again Pass this Way The bread that giveth strength I want to give Because I shall not pass again this way
ch 2-85 Lord I Would Take Thy Yoke Lord I would take thy yoke and learn of Thee
ch 2-86 We are one Day’s Journey Nearer to Home In this lonely place again, by the way We are one day’s journey nearer home
ch 2-87 Here on Earth Here on earth a temple stands
ch 2-88 Remember Your Creator Oh remember your Creator
ch 2-89 Baptized Jesus was baptized to fulfill
ch 2-90 When God Looked Down When God looked down from up above
ch 2-91 When I Awake When o’er the hills I see the shadows creeping
ch 2-92 Another Day is Ended Another day is ended, How soon it passed away
ch 2-93 Alone with Jesus Alone with Jesus, Oh, what rest to lean
ch 2-94 Victory and Song There’s a God in the Heavens
ch 2-95 We Thank Thee for an Open Door We thank Thee for an open door into the That door was opened wide for us
ch 2-96 God Sent His Well Beloved Son God sent His well beloved Son down from
ch 2-97 Jesus Now Calls Jesus now calls, hear His sweet voice Tenderly, Tenderly, Jesus is calling
ch 2-98 Let Us not be Weak in Faith Let us not be weak in faith, or dare To the city where there shall be no more
ch 2-99 The Words of Truth Why drift away, from God’s own book Upon life’s sea, in desert bare
ch 2-100 The Pages of Life While the pages of life are turning If only we knew, as when life is through
ch 2-101 Create in Me I’ve a Friend who meets my every need Create in me more love for Thee
ch 2-102 He Game Me His Heart This is my story, my heart was sinful He gave me a new heart, oh wondrous grace
ch 2-103 Live Close to God So many seek for heaven’s peace in pleasure Then turn to God and drink the waters now
ch 2-104 This Day This day is mine, tomorrow may not be
ch 2-105 The Secret There is no place on land or sea
ch 2-106 Here in Thy Presence Here in Thy presence Lord, we wait
ch 2-107 Today is Mine Today is mine, tomorrow may not come
ch 2-108 The Love of God The love of God now fills my soul This is my prayer continually, Lord
ch 2-109 Hitherto Hath the Lord helped Us When our soul is much discouraged
ch 2-110 My Cross A cross my Saviour showed to me Oh praise the Lord, I did awake my cross to bear
ch 2-111 Another Step Another step, I’d take with Thee, O Saviour
ch 2-112 I Must Have the Saviour with Me I must have the Saviour with me as I journey
ch 2-113 Nothing Matters but Salvation God gives you the invitation to a life Nothing matters but Salvation in this world
ch 2-114 Hope On, Hope Ever Hope on hope ever struggling soul
ch 2-115 My Grace for Thee My grace for thee has the Master said My grace for thee, my grace for thee
ch 2-116 This World is not My Home I’ve left the way of death and sin This world, this world is not my home
ch 2-117 Twas in a Humble Cottage Twas in a humble cottage, the sun He’s coming soon to call me. He’s coming bye and bye
ch 2-118 Be Prepared There’s a most insistent call, ringing clear Be prepared, be prepared, there’s a voice
ch 2-119 Meet with God Meet with God each morning, Bow before Meet with God each morning, Converse
ch 2-120 As a Little Child As a little child, Lord I come to Thee
ch 2-121 The Angels are Waiting The earth has been planted, the seed has been sown The Lord of the Harvest will gather His own
ch 2-122 Follow Me Follow me, follow me, said the Man of Galilee
ch 2-123 Dear Lord, Forgive hear Thou my prayer, Oh Lord my God, in Heaven
ch 2-124 Let Me Tell Let me tell the Gospel story, sweetest tale
ch 2-125 Keep Toiling On When the path seems lone and dreary
ch 2-126 Unseen Conflicts There oft is a battlefield, the greatest battlefield Now I’m thinking tonight of unseen conflicts
ch 2-127 God’s Provision God has made great provision to save you There’s a life which brings joy, will you choose it
ch 2-128 Remembering Calvary We see God’s Heavenly Dove, Remembering Calvary
ch 2-129 How sweet the Name of Jesus How sweet the name of Jesus, that name above
ch 2-130 O Teach Me More O teach me more of Thy blest ways, Thou Holy
ch 2-131 Peace, Perfect Peace Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin
ch 2-132 Forget Them Not Forget them not, the faithful band who kindred leave
ch 2-133 Thy Saviour Keeps Child, in whose virgin soul, life’s first sweet He keeps, Thy Saviour keeps
ch 2-134 Thy Tabernacle Within Thy Tabernacle now, O Lord
ch 2-135 He Called Us He called us for he loved us, He sought us Jesus, our bridegroom we His Bride
ch 2-136 The Wayside Cross Which way shall I take? shouts a voice on the night Near, near thee, my son, is the old wayside cross
ch 2-137 Trust and Obey When we walk with the Lord, in the light of His Word Trust and obey, for there’s no other way
ch 2-138 The Touch of the Master’s Hand Twas all battered and scarred and the auctioneer
ch 2-139 Submission The path that I have trod, has brought me Not what I wish to be, nor where I wish to go
ch 2-140 Blessed Homeland Blessed Homeland! I’m returning
ch 2-141 Precious Gold Precious gold must have its fiery trial And my life that Thou didst take to Thee
ch 2-142 The voice of My Saviour Soft and low, soft and low, is the voice that I hear O, the voice of my Saviour no tongue can describe
ch 2-143 Nothing Less To the Christ, Who died to save you Nothing less than full surrender
ch 2-144 According to Your Faith O Thou Son of David, have mercy on me
ch 2-145 Song of Solomon Draw me dear Lord, apart to seek Thy face
ch 2-146 Take My Hand Precious Lord When my way groweth drear, precious Lord Precious Lord, take my hand, lead me on
ch 2-147 Power Power to witness for the Master
ch 3-148 Assurance Oh, how sweet is the blessed assurance Yes, I know what He planneth must always be right
ch 3-149 Hope Thou in God Why art thou cast down, O my soul? Hope thou in God, O soul of mine
ch 3-150 Where Art Thou? Have you ever stopped to listen as you travel Where art thou? Where art thou?
ch 3-151 Salute to the Levites in Jordan The sullen Jordan rolled a cold, dark tide
ch 3-152 When Walking in Darkness When walking in darkness, outside the fold Oh, may we be thankful and praise Him more
ch 3-153 Give Me the Bible Give me the Bible, Since God has spoken While I am reading and meditating, My spirit praying
ch 3-154 My God and I My God and I are keeping sweet communion
ch 3-155 I Would be Ground Lord Jesus I would be ground Lord Jesus On which
ch 3-156 What Shall it Profit Why should I covert the joys of a day Trust not the world in its beauty arrayed
ch 3-157 Baptism Hymn Jesus was baptized to fulfil all righteousness
ch 3-158 The Harvest Field Brother have you contemplated whitened fields
ch 3-159 Take Up Thy Cross I walked one day along a country road Take up thy cross and follow Me
ch 3-160 Precious Moments Could we but see the precious moments fly Precious moments swiftly passing
ch 3-161 Marriage Hymn Our hearts rejoice with these young lives
ch 3-162 Until Then My heart can sing when I pause to remember But until then my heart will go on singing
ch 3-163 Teach Me to Thank Teach me to thank, dear Father mine
ch 3-164 Ye Would Not Ye would not come unto Me that ye might have life O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft
ch 3-165 Only Wait Oft there comes a gentle whisper o’er me stealing Only wait, again I hear the whisper
ch 3-166 I Love My Master I am a servant, I’m bought with a price I love my Master, I love my Master
ch 3-167 Gratitude Moved by Thy gifts, must our praise ascend
ch 3-168 There is a Saviour There is a Saviour, one only Saviour You will be happy and it will pay
ch 3-169 The Master’s Call Behold the Master now is calling for reapers Go forth with patience, love and kindness
ch 3-170 Exceeding Great and Precious Exceeding great and precious are the promises of God
ch 3-171 The Heights of Fame The heights of fame to me appear so barren
ch 3-172 The Sands of Time The sands of time are sinking, The dawn
ch 3-173 Jesus Understands Bowed beneath your burden, is there none to share? Yes, He understands, all His ways are best
ch 3-174 Cleansing Hear Thou my prayer, O Lord my God in Heaven
ch 3-175 Seven Valleys In a valley so lifeless God found us
ch 3-176 All My Life God has promised grace and mercy God has promised me His Spirit and I know
ch 3-177 Your Roses May Have Thorns Life’s sunshine may be checkered with its shadows Your roses may have thorns but don’t forget
ch 3-178 Is There any Heart Discouraged Is there any heart discouraged as it journeys on its way
ch 3-179 I Know Who Holds Tomorrow I don’t know about tomorrow, I just live Many things about tomorrow I don’t
ch 3-180 A Crown of Thorns There was no crown for Him of silver or A rugged Cross become his throne
ch 3-181 Dear Father Dear Father, nothing is too great
ch 3-182 Oh to Have a Faith Like Jesus O, to have a faith like Jesus, when He walked He had faith unfailing, and hope and charity
ch 3-183 I Never Can Forget the Day I never can forget the day when first I heard Whenever I think of those sweet days
ch 3-184 Thirty Pieces of Silver Tis a sad but true story, from the Bible
ch 3-185 A Prayer Lord keep my mind from evil thought, from vain
ch 3-186 A Tender Heart Give me a heart that’s tender, true
ch 3-187 The Sower A sower is sowing the seed, His Master
ch 3-188 Home Home, Home, can I forget thee?
ch 3-189 Our Need We need to pray, dear Lord, for Thou Almighty alone Yes, Lord, our need so great doth cause us pray
ch 3-190 Brotherly Love Little children love each other -- if we do
ch 3-191 Not My Will Help me yield to Thee oh loving Saviour When I think of Thy love, dear Jesus
ch 3-192 Homes of God’s People Homes where God’s people live, Their best to
ch 3-193 Unworthy Unworthy am I of the grace that He gave Unworthy, unworthy, a beggar, in bondage
ch 3-194 Father in Thy Name We Meet Father in Thy Name we meet, Low before
ch 3-195 Wedding Hymn Oh Lord we ask Thy blessing, On these young lives
ch 3-196 O Holy Spirit O Holy spirit teach me how to die indeed O Holy Spirit purge my soul from every spot
ch 3-197 He Took My Place Sometimes I see through mists of bitter tears He took my place, His life He freely gave
ch 3-198 I Sought to Find the Christ I sought to find the Christ of God within
ch 3-199 Gentle Hands When bruised and sorely wounded in the battle Gentle hand will bear me to that city
ch 3-200 Love Goes All the Way Let us learn this lesson true, Love goes Love goes all the way, Hearken then I pray
ch 3-201 Call it Not Death Call it not death for those who are in Jesus
ch 3-202 The Restless Sea The restless sea, the roaring, raging sea My little bark has in the past been tossed
ch 3-203 Hands, Feet and Tongue Thou Needest Christ has no hands but our hands Lord unto Thee I yield me, Thine only
ch 3-204 Arise, Thou Son of Righteousness Arise! Thou Sun of righteousness with healing
ch 3-205 You Ask Why I Love and Adore Jesus You ask why I love and adore Jesus And all through the night with the storm raging
ch 3-206 Sweet Words of Jesus Sweet words of Jesus, Eternal and true Sow, sow the word, the Kingdom’s seed
ch 3-207 To Know the Saviour Have you ever though you’d like to know
ch 3-208 Someday We Must Go Someday we must go upon a journey May my life show forth Thy truth, Oh Lord
ch 3-209 Lift Up the Torch Lift up the torch of heavenly light Tell what the Lord can do, That all below
ch 3-210 O Tell O tell in sweet simplicity, The lowly Christ’s
ch 3-211 Teach me to Pray Teach me to pray, Oh God my Heavenly Father
ch 3-212 Alone Alone in the wilderness stretches
ch 3-213 Do You Believe Do you believe that Jesus came in mercy
ch 3-214 Open to Me Though I may sleep yet a voice soft and clear Open to Me! Open to Me! hark to My knock
ch 3-215 Teach Me, Oh Master Teach me oh Master to live in love’s excellent way
ch 3-216 I will Take My Stand I have found a friend in Jesus, Greater love I will take my stand for Jesus For he never
ch 3-217 Tis Better Tis better, far better to lose our lives here The best of this world can’t compare
ch 3-218 Twas Not the Nails Twas not the nails that held him there, but Faith, hope and charity for all, these are
ch 3-219 Remember Lord the Hoary Head They once were young and in their glory Remember Lord the hoary head, sustain them
ch 3-220 Oh! to be Worthy of Him Chosen of God, chosen with care, called
ch 3-221 Pitter-Patter How we need the raindrops, need the snow and hail
ch 3-222 Shall there be faith on earth, when the Saviour Shall there be faith on earth when He comes
ch 3-223 Weep not for Me Weep not for me, I’ve gone to meet my Saviour
ch 3-224 Resist -- Stand Fast The heart of every child in God’s great family Resist, resist his every lure, For then He’ll
ch 3-225 Intercession Father I love Thee, This is the cry
ch 3-226 By Night I Sought Thee by night I sought with wearied mind Now I have found my soul’s beloved
ch 3-227 My Saviour I Would Cross the Brook My Saviour, I would cross the brook with Thee
ch 3-228 A Little Prayer for Giddiness Help me to walk in safety, Father, through
ch 3-229 I Worship Thee Dear Lamb of God I worship Thee dear Lamb of God and rest
ch 3-230 The Hand of God Is the hand of God upon you! Have you
ch 3-231 Amazing Grace Amazing grace! how sweet the sound
ch 3-232 Resurrection We come e’er the morning has scattered
ch 3-233 We Thank Thee Lord For Jesus our Saviour, for His love divine
ch 3-234 Two Strangers Two strangers came to share God’s great salvation
ch 3-235 Awake, Awake To Calvary your Lord was led, With cruel Awake, Awake, oh soul arise
ch 3-236 The Vision Lord Jesus I would come to Thee so let
ch 3-237 Jesus Lives In each time of pain and sorrow, One desires Jesus lives and He is able to give help
ch 3-238 The Stranger of Galilee In fancy I stood by the shore one day And I felt I could love Him forever
ch 3-239 Love Divine In love divine my Saviour came, To suffer Love divine, Love divine is filling all this heart
ch 3-240 How Few Are Entering In How few are entering in, so many turn
ch 3-241 Master, The Tempest is Raging Master the tempest is raging! The Billows The winds and the waves shall obey my will
ch 3-242 How Precious the Promises How precious the promises God can fulfil If souls are cast down or disquieted be
ch 3-243 The Future Lies Before Me O I often sit and ponder, When the sun is O the future lies before me, But I know not
ch 3-244 Help me, O God to Know My Place Help me, O God, to know my place
ch 3-245 The Heart of the Shepherd Dear to the heart of the Shepherd Out in the desert they wander, Hungry
ch 3-246 The Watchman Watch, comrade, watch the long night through
ch 3-247 His Anointing and Kingdom Dear Lord, anoint us with Thy Holy Spirit Oh, Lord, to Thee our hearts are truly grateful
ch 3-248 Have You the Mind of Jesus Have you the mind of Jesus that brought So let this mind be in you for it will keep
ch 3-249 Fields The Lord and His reapers apart at mealtime Fields, fields, white unto harvest have grown
ch 3-250 Where He leads Me I WILL FOLLOW I can hear my Saviour calling Where He leads me I will follow
ch 3-251 Eternal Beauty Eternal beauty shines in Thee, My Saviour Unfading beauty Lord I see, Resplendent
ch 3-252 Come Follow the Lamb Come home ye burdened and weary Come follow the Lamb where He leadeth
ch 3-253 Hasten to Jesus Hasten to Jesus, King of salvation Then you shall know Him, Love and adore Him
ch 3-254 Christ is All God’s light now shines throughout this world
ch 3-255 All, Yes All There’s a heart that understands us he has won my heart’s affection
ch 3-256 Life’s Short Day Sweet to know the gospel story, Heavenly song Life’s short day will soon be over
ch 3-257 Lord Unto Thee Lord unto Thee sweet songs of praise New life is mine, Dear Lord, in Thee
ch 3-258 My Saviour Love My Saviour’s love shall never fail till I am safe Love led Him to Gethsemane, Love led Him
ch 3-259 If I Had Known If I had known what troubles your were bearing
ch 3-260 In the Hour of Trial In the hour of trial, Jesus plead for me
ch 3-261 Peace Far out at sea my little bark is tossing
ch 3-262 Come Unto Me Come unto Me, the Saviour says, And I will give
ch 3-263 Hear Thou the Call Hear thou the call of Jesus, Come to the feast
ch 3-264 With the Lord When the ones we love and cherish, Leave this world With the Lord it will be better
ch 3-265 Hast Thou not Heard His Voice Hast thou not heart His voice, speaking to Thee
ch 3-266 Lord Take My Life Today Lord take my life today, as Thou hast planned
ch 3-267 I’ve Been Traveling for Jesus I’ve been traveling for Jesus so much of my life
ch 3-268 Tis For Your Good Tis for your good the Saviour now is calling
ch 3-269 O Corner Stone O corner stone tested and tried, honored Most precious in the sight of God and precious
ch 3-270 The Sound of the Mill Living Father, in Thy presence, I would seek
ch 3-271 Remember God Reigns When the day is clear and bright, Remember
ch 3-272 I Have Left All I have left all to follow my Saviour, Where I have left all to follow my Saviour; To follow
ch 3-273 All for Me Jesus was rich, He became poor All for me, all for me, Jesus in love gave
ch 3-274 Grateful Heart How much it cost, Oh God, to send
ch 3-275 Jesus, My Friend As evening shadows fall on the sea He is with me by night and day
ch 3-276 The Heavenly Light O Christ again Thou heavenly light
ch 3-277 A Loving Heart Mid the throng in which I’m daily living Give me, O Lord, a loving heart that reaches
ch 3-278 All Life’s Way Not just in moments of doubt or sadness I need Thee, Jesus, through every moment
ch 3-279 Draw Me Draw me dear Lord apart to seek Thy face
ch 3-280 The Heart That was Broken for Me There came from the skies in the days long ago They crowned Him with thorns, He was beaten
ch 3-281 Once Again a voice Once again a voice is calling, calling sweetly
ch 3-282 The Lord Knows Why I may not know the reason why dark clouds Oh, yes, He knows, the Lord knows why
ch 3-283 Brought Up in a Humble Home Brought up within a humble home
ch 3-284 Safe in Jesus Jesus found me, when a stranger Safe in Jesus, Oh, how precious
ch 3-285 O To Be Like Him O! to be like Him, tender and kind Yes, to be like Him, We must abide
ch 3-286 The King and I The King and I walk down life’s road together Why He should care for me will always be
ch 3-287 One Way is True One Way is true, by faith it is taken One Way is true, the Lord hath revealed it
ch 3-288 Intercession Father I love Thee!
ch 4-289 Four Things that Be Wise Ants are but a people not so very strong
ch 4-290 Teach Me to Pray Teach me to pray Lord, Teach me to pray Living in Thee Lord and Thou in me
ch 4-291 Near to the Heart of God There is a place of quiet rest, Near to the O, Jesus blest Redeemer, Sent form the heart
ch 4-292 Helpless Creatures of the Dust Helpless creatures of the dust, Lord we come Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.
ch 4-293 Only in Thee Only in Thee, O Saviour mine, Dwelleth my soul
ch 4-294 Seek Each Day the Godly Treasure Seek each day the Godly treasure, seek it Keep on seeking, do not weary, Those who seek
ch 4-295 What is the Price What is the price my Lord has paid To bridge On Calvary he died to make me free
ch 4-296 I Have Nothing to Do with Tomorrow I have nothing to do with tomorrow, Its sunlight I have nothing to do with tomorrow. My Saviour
ch 4-297 Present Suffering Future Glory Present suffering future glory: Earthly loss For the land of no more suffering
ch 4-298 We’re Sowing The fields are white and harvest time is near We’re sowing, we’re sowing, Out on life’s harvest
ch 4-299 O Lord of Life O Lord of Life be Thou my Guide and Leader
ch 4-300 One Step Ahead Just for today Lord I plead for Thy grace Just for today the thought doth rest impart
ch 4-301 Faith God, favor me the victory to win, Over all Grant me faith, O, my God, Grant me faith
ch 4-302 The Letter Edged in Black There is One today whose voice with you is Do not turn away from such a friend as Jesus
ch 4-303 Life’s Purpose All my griefs by Him are ordered, Needful is each
ch 4-304 God Never Fails Abraham was faithful to the call of God God could keep the Hebrews in the flaming fire
ch 4-305 She Hath Done What She Could In His life could be seen, that the conflict was keen She hath done what she could, Jesus said it was good
ch 4-306 Thou Knowest That I Love Thee How can I say that I love you, Yet do not
ch 4-307 O Saviour Teach Us O Saviour teach us how to pray Effectual
ch 4-308 Underneath the Curse Underneath the curse of Adam, Stands each
ch 4-309 Hast Thou Forgotten God In the glare of earthly pleasure, In the fight Have you forgotten God, Have you forgotten
ch 4-310 Thy Child My Father hear this earnest plea I lift to Heaven
ch 4-311 A Little Child Shall Lead Them So many different natures yet all can blend A little child shall lead them In his true
ch 4-312 Lord Give Us Clearer Vision Lord give us clearer vision of Thyself For clearer visions of Thyself we pray
ch 4-313 Jesus Came Down From Above Jesus came down from Heaven above
ch 4-314 How Weak I Am How weak I am, and prone to go astraying Thou Lord hath promised strength for every day
ch 4-315 My Times are in His Hands Life and time are in His hand, none but He
ch 4-316 Sleeping Soul Your Saviour Calls Sleeping soul your Saviour calls, Wake, arise
ch 4-317 He Leadeth Best O noble youth, so precious is thy day
ch 4-318 The Potter and the Clay Down by the house of the potter, I went O Lord, Thou art our Potter And we the
ch 4-319 Our God is Here Made nigh by Christ’s own precious blood Our God is here, the living God
ch 4-320 Chart Thou the Way Sweet as the song of angels, Echoed so long Chart Thou the way before me
ch 4-321 Faith’s Trial What though we’re called to pass through many trials Why should we not then bravely face each test
ch 4-322 Blessed are They that Fear the Lord Blessed are they that fear the Lord, Their Father Lord, we beseech Thee Hear our entreaty
ch 4-323 Lord Let Me Hear Lord, let me hear, once more, Thy call to labour
ch 4-324 God’s Tender Mercies God’s tender mercies are new every morning
ch 4-325 The Song of the Shepherds One night while watching sheep, All the world
ch 4-326 Out from God a River Floweth Out from God a river floweth, From the Lamb
ch 4-327 While Hanging on the Cross While hanging on the cross of shame, His heart
ch 4-328 Going Down the Valley We are going down the valley one by one We are going down the valley, Going down
ch 4-329 Lest he Hide His Face Sweetness fills this life of mine, Giving God Lest He hide His face, And withhold His grace
ch 4-330 A Rest Has Come Into My Soul A rest has come into my soul, Since I gave Now I bear the cross though I suffer loss
ch 4-331 One Life to be Lived One life to be lived, And how shall it be spend
ch 4-332 Fog When the mists descend and vision is restricted Oh you need not wait til Heaven’s portals open
ch 4-333 That Man of Galilee We cam to earth a living hopeless creature My Saviour lived on earth, a man of sorrow
ch 4-334 Jesus Thou Lover of Souls Having left all that was princely, Gladly to live Jesus Thou lover of souls; Jesus Thou lover
ch 4-335 In the Church We are met together In Thy lowly way
ch 4-336 Harvest Time God is gathering home His harvest, In His own
ch 4-337 It’s In My Heart Some simply sing, that lonely long night hours will go
ch 4-338 Gracious Saviour Gracious Saviour lead me safely Through Lead me gracious Saviour, I Thy path adore
ch 4-339 Fellow Pilgrims Fellow pilgrims, God is calling, In His tenderness Do not rest on your attainments, Keep the full
ch 4-340 Life is Only as a Vapour Life is only as a vapour, Soon it’s little day is passed Sell your birthright for a shadow, Gone when sunlight
ch 4-341 Jesus is the Way Jesus is the Way, and the Truth and Life
ch 4-342 Nearest of Kin How can we, Lord, Thy joy repay, Coming Nearest of Kin, our love to win, Dearest of kin
ch 4-343 On Calvary Under an eastern sky Amid a rabble cry
ch 4-344 Jesus the Saviour When Jesus the Saviour to Bethlehem came
ch 4-345 His Spirit in Us God’s Holy spirit He has given us, Assures To make your calling and election sure
ch 4-346 Repose in God Repose in God and thou shalt find sweet rest of soul
ch 4-347 The Day Thou Gavest Life’s short day Thou gavest Lord will soon
ch 4-348 O Lord Thou Art My Only Hope O Lord, Thou art my only hope, In Thee alone
ch 4-349 Keep on Going We appreciate your going, Going forth Keep on going, sowing, singing, Keep on
ch 4-350 This is the Day Which the Lord Hath Made This is the day which the Lord hath made, Have I This is a pleasant day, How it reminds me
ch 4-351 Over the Brook O’er the brook out to the desert, Where my I will follow Thee my Saviour Thou has suffered
ch 4-352 Christ is Coming Christ is coming. When that day appeareth Come and reap; the harvest fields are waiting
ch 4-353 I Have Longed for Thy Salvation I have longed for Thy salvation, Prayed
ch 4-354 There’s a choice to be Made There’s a choice to be made, There’s a price So take warning and ponder I pray
ch 4-355 Oh, What a Rest of Heart Lord I feel my heart’s deep longing Oh, what rest of heart, When we come apart
ch 4-356 Wedding Hymn Lord we pray that Thou would help us, Keep Oh unite us Lord we pray For this is our
ch 4-357 Filling the House There comes a sweet savour of incense so rare
ch 4-358 Be Glad Be glad that God has called you out From this Be grateful now, give God the praise For love
ch 4-359 My Choice He sent two humble servants, Across my path I love the humble story, I heard of Him that day
ch 4-360 Cleanse Me Search me O God, and know my heart today
ch 4-361 Abide in Me Abide in Me, the Saviour’s voice Now speaks Hear Him, Hear Him, Make Him your choice
ch 4-362 What Shall I Render What shall I render, O my God, An offering How precious in the sight of God, When He
ch 4-363 Counted in and Counted On Oh glorious blessing to be counted in Oh blessing to be counted in, Both now
ch 5-364 As the Snow that Falls at Even As the snow that falls at even, in its purity
ch 5-365 Called by His Grace My Saviour called me by His grace My Saviour, when He went a way
ch 5-366 Help Me to Adore Thee They are sleeping in the garden Saviour help me to adore Thee
ch 5-367 Words of Comfort Thou hast spoken words of comfort
ch 5-368 When He Decrees What type of Man can this One be
ch 5-369 The Good Shepherd There is a good shepherd who came from above I’ll follow this Shepherd so tender and true
ch 5-370 Could I Forget Oh could I forget ere the light came to me
ch 5-371 Why Not Now? While we pray and while we plead Why not now? Why not now?
ch 5-372 To Whom Shall We Go? When struggles and trials oppress our soul
ch 5-373 Come, for All Things Come, for all things now are ready Come, O soul, the Lord is kindly waiting
ch 5-374 Giver of Gifts There’s a Giver of Gifts with an impartial hand Obedience and trusting the Lord
ch 5-375 Once Again, in Love See the fig tree in the garden Once again, in love He calleth
ch 5-376 Help Us, O Lord Help us, O Lord, to understand
ch 5-377 Be Still, My Soul Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side
ch 5-378 A Life of Praise Lord, in the morning of life I surrender
ch 5-379 A Servant’s Prayer Help me O God, direct my ways Help me to hide deep in my heart
ch 5-380 Crossing "Jordan" Wondrous sight at Jordan’s river
ch 5-381 The Great Planner When life’s troubles all about you
ch 5-382 Lean Not Lean not on your own understanding Have faith in all God is planning
ch 5-383 This Jesus Fairer than lilies that grow on earth
ch 5-384 Waits My Soul More than they that watch for morning
ch 5-385 O Gracious Holy Spirit O Gracious Holy Spirit come, Make Thy abode
ch 5-386 Let us Run the Race Let us run the race with patience
ch 5-387 Who at My Door is Standing Who at my door is standing, patiently drawing near
ch 5-388 The Call to Labour Lord, let me hear once more the call to labour
ch 5-389 Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd and knoweth my needs O Shepherd who tenderly leadest Thy sheep
ch 5-390 Over the Brook O’er the brook out to the desert I will follow Thee, my Saviour
ch 5-391 Lord, Dwell in Me Where is the house that ye shall build Lord, dwell in me, my body is yielded
ch 5-392 Lift Up Your Eyes As the wind sighed o’er the cornfield
ch 5-393 God’s Heavenly Kingdom God’s heavenly kingdom is for all Come now enter, come now enter
ch 5-394 Youthful Years Youthful years are spent in pleasure Youthful years, how good to see them spent
ch 5-395 Peace There is a peace that cometh after sorrow of hope
ch 5-396 Fret Not Thy Soul Fret not thy soul, O child of God
ch 5-397 The Heavenly Pilot Soul adrift without a pilot, Dark the night Blessed Master, Friend of sinners
ch 5-398 Precious Father Precious Father we plead for Thy leading For Thy pleasure, O Lord, we’re created
ch 5-399 Love, Joy, Peace Let not Thy love, Oh Lord, depart from me
ch 5-400 Time for Doing Cast thy bread upon the waters Summer time will soon be over
ch 5-401 My Blest Redeemer My blest Redeemer came from heaven above
ch 5-402 When I With Jesus, Draw Apart When I with Jesus, draw apart, With problems
ch 5-403 Take Thou My Hand, Oh Lord Around me sin abounds I see, And many foes Take Thou my hand, Oh Lord. Take Thou
ch 5-404 Oh Love That Will Not Me Stay Oh Love, that will not let me stay
ch 5-405 Lead Me to the Rock O hearken Lord, incline Thine ear unto me
ch 5-406 The Voice of God is Calling The voice of God is calling To leave the world
ch 5-407 Lord, Teach Me to Pray Lord, Jesus teach me how to pray, As Thou The longing of my heart to be Obedient
ch 5-408 We Thank Thee We thank Thee for the lives of those in ages past We thank Thee Lord today For those who came
ch 5-409 There’s Time Enough Yet There’s time enough yet! there’s time enought yet! Then turn to the Lord whil tis called today
ch 5-410 Better Than Silver One day I was sitting outside in the cold He gave me far better than silver or gold
ch 5-411 The Wages of Sin is Death In our tneder youth, without Saviour and truth
ch 5-412 O Blessed Day O blessed day when God my will did conquer
ch 5-413 Remember Thy Maker Remember Thy Maker in days of thy youth O come while He calls thee, give ear
ch 5-414 The Great Judgment Day Have you thought of the Great Judgment Day? In the Great Judgment Day When the secrets
ch 5-415 Go Forth to Tell the Story Go forth to tell the story How Jesus in His love This news to all go bearing, O’er land
ch 5-416 Come! Soul I died for Thee Soul in the quiet and cool of day Come! soul I died for thee out on the hill
ch 6-417 Is There No Light “Is there no light?” some anxious soul is asking Alex Walker Isle of Innisfree
ch 6-418 A House Not Made With Hands There is a house not made with hands
ch 6-419 A Rest A rest has come into my soul Now I bear the cross R.B. C. A. Miles
ch 6-420 Along the Path of Life “Pilgrim, whither journey you Birdie Bell Asa Hull
ch 6-421 As the Bird Flies Home As the bird flies home to its parent nest Under His wings thy defense shall be Fanny Crosby J. R. Sweney
ch 6-422 Balm in Secret Prayer There’s a word of tender beauty Fanny Crosby J. R. Sweney
ch 6-423 Called by His Grace My Saviour called me by His grace My Saviour when He went away G. Patterson
ch 6-424 Called of God God called to Abraham one day Oh, help us Lord to truly be
ch 6-425 Come follow the Lamb Come home, ye burdened and weary Come follow the Lamb where he leadeth
ch 6-426 Dew of Mercy Like the still quiet fall of the silent dew of night Dew of mercy, dew of mercy F. Crosby
ch 6-427 Eternity Our life is ever on the wing Eternity, Eternity
ch 6-428 Eternity’s Awakening I stand on the shores of an unknown land
ch 6-429 Faith Great is the author of our faith so precious Shall we hear the words of the Master John Martin C. H. Gabriel
ch 6-430 Faithful Unto Death Oh! to be faithful unto death R. Stockdill J. B. Dykes
ch 6-431 I’m Glad I’m glad that Jesus showed me J. B. Dykes
ch 6-432 Five Greatest Days My friend have you thought of the five greatest days The Day of Salvation and Day of your Death George D. Moore
ch 6-433 Follow the Pattern Ever before me Jesus I see Jesus is calling, I am The Way Sam Jones J. W. Van de Venter
ch 6-434 Freedom in Prison Within our little cells we sit R. Stockdill Georg Joseph (1657)
ch 6-435 From the Lips of Ten Thousand From the lips of ten thousand in melody sweet C. MacNicol
ch 6-436 Trust A city strong have we today R. Stockdill J. B. Dykes (1861)
ch 6-437 God Can I can’t make a ranging sea, but God can June Affleck
ch 6-438 God is Not Dead God is not dead! in all the generations God is not dead! O golry to His Name
ch 6-439 Golden Reflections You may think you’re growing older Mary Lindley
ch 6-440 Hark, ’Tis a Voice Thro’ the Ages Hark, ’tis a voice thro’ the ages Jesus shall come and the angels be with Him Jack Annand
ch 6-441 Grumblers In country, town, or city some people can be found O they grumble ond Monday Thoro Harris Thoro Harris
ch 6-442 He Gave Himself In love the Saviour now speaks to you Think of His sacrifice for your sin T. Fawcett
ch 6-443 Hope If you fell discouraged do not go to sleep R. Stockdill W. J. Kirkpatrick (1895)
ch 6-444 He Will Meet You There Would you gain the victory over every sin? He will meet you there
ch 6-445 How Can You Despise? Oh how can you despise Other voices despise C. MacNicol Jno. B. Bryant
ch 6-446 I Could Not Live Apart I could not live apart from Jesus I would not live without the Saviour R. B. T. R. Bowdish (1900)
ch 6-447 In Every Part In every part, the battle rages on
ch 6-448 In Jesus Sweet Peace In Jesus sweet peace I have found I will lend my ear, His dear voice to hear
ch 6-449 Jesuss Thou Lover of Souls Having left all that was princely Jesus, Thou lover of souls Darnstadt Gesangbuch (1687)
ch 6-450 Let Me Your Servant Be Brother let me be your servant We are pilgrims on a journey Mary Kondogonis (trans. from Russian?)
ch 6-451 Life’s Seas When angry waves overpower Across life’s sea, life’s restless, stormy sea J. Lincoln Hall
ch 6-452 Love I’m glad I’ve life and health and strength C. H. Willing (1868)
ch 6-453 My Travelling Companion Christ walks beside me on the unknown road
ch 6-454 More Like the Master More like the Master I would ever be Take Thou my heat, I would be Thine alone
ch 6-455 Nobody Like Jesus Sometimes secret sins creep into my heart Edith Maples
ch 6-456 I’d gladly go O Blessed Lord O come Thou back at midnight or at even John Martin O Danny Boy
ch 6-457 One Life to Live Only one life to live, soon ’twill be o’er Lowell Mason (1856)
ch 6-458 Our Heartfelt Thanks Our heartfelt thanks we offer (incomplete?)
ch 6-459 Onward, Ever Onward Christ has need of soldiers, brave and staunch and true Onward soldiers of the croos M. W. Hubbard C. H. Gabriel
ch 6-460 Our Hope Our hearts sing out in praise today Dean Swenson Wm. Hurley
ch 6-461 Peace There is a peace that cometh after sorrow
ch 6-462 Read and Pray As you start the heavenly journey Read and pray and seek to truly
ch 6-463 Rest of Heart Lord I feel my heart’s deep longing Oh, what rest of heart R. Blair W. S. Weeden
ch 6-464 Resurrection We come e’er the morning has scattered the darkness
ch 6-465 Safe in the Fold I stood alone outside the fold
ch 6-466 Seek Each Day Seek each day the Godly treasure W. O. Perkins
ch 6-467 Seeking Saviour keep me ever mindful Lest forgetting I grow weary Ireland 1926
ch 6-468 Strangers We’re only strangers here below Strangers and pilgrims here below R. Stockdill Johnson Oatman Jr (1898)
ch 6-469 Thee Call to the Harvest To the fields of ripened grain Hear the Master’s voice now calling go ye forth W. F. Sherwin (1877)
ch 6-470 Sweetest Appeal Humbly we enter His Presence, Our best to bring Sweetest appeal of love divine
ch 6-471 The Call Oh, Sinner, God is calling J. M. Craig F. M. Lamb
ch 6-472 The Love of God The love of God is greater far Oh, love of God, how rich and pure!
ch 6-473 The Mistakes of My Life The mistakes of my life have been many I know I am weak and sinful U. L. S. Bailey R. Lowry
ch 6-474 The Saviour’s Tears When they led their Lord and Master
ch 6-475 The One We Adore As the morning awakes with the freshnees of dew Then a song from the depths of our hearts we can sing
ch 6-476 The Sweetest Story Tell, O tell the wondrous story James Jardine
ch 6-477 The Way of Life We have found the way of life Let us sing of His love Sam Jones (c. 1924) C. O. Tillman
ch 6-478 There’s a Word of Tender Beauty In my Father’s blessed keeping
ch 6-479 There’s Nought On Earth To Rest On There’s nought on earth to rest on Jack Annand
ch 6-480 There’s Time Enough Yet “There’s time enough yet! There’s time enough yet! Then turn to the Lord while ’tise called today
ch 6-481 There’s a Choice To Be Made There’s a choice to be made, There’s a price to paid So take the warning, ponder and pray George Bennard
ch 6-482 Thy Bidding Be with me Lord each passing hour Where’er Tohous bidst me go dear Lord
ch 6-483 ’Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer ’Tis the blessed hour of prayer, when our hearts lowly bend Blessed hour of prayer, blessed hour of prayer Fanny Crosby (1880) W. H. Doane
ch 6-484 Trim Thy Lamp Trim thy lamp and keep it burning Trym the lamp and keep it burning Fanny Crosby Ira D. Sankey
ch 6-485 Waits My Soul More than they that watch for morning Jack Annand Psalm 130:6
ch 6-486 What If Christ has no hands but our hands E. Guest? Wm. Kirkpatrick
ch 6-487 When He Decrees What type of Man can this One be G. Patterson
ch 6-488 When I With Jesus, Draw Apart When I with Jesus, draw apart N. Frost
ch 6-489 Whispering Hope If in the dusk of the twilight Whispering hope, oh how welcome Thy voice
ch 6-490 Words of Comfort Thou hast spoken words of comfort Jack Annand A. Harrison
ch 6-491 Yes, I’ll Follow
ch 6-492 You’ll Reap Whatsoever You Sow Jesus came from above to reveal unto men You’ll read whatsoever you sow R. Blair Jno. B. Bryant
ch 6-493 Your Life Is One Short Season Here Your life is one short season here God’s harvest time will surely come John Martin
ch 6-494 Blessed Lord, On Thee I Wait Blessed Lord, on Thee I wait
ch 6-495 Your Mission If you cannot on the ocean sail Ellen Gates
ch 6-496 From Heaven to Heaven To Bethlehem, from Heaven, Jesus came
ch 6-497 The Lord Knows Why I may not know the reason why O yes, He knows, the Lord knows why
ch 6-498 Humbly We Enter His Presence Humbly we enter His presence Sweetest appeal of love divine
ch 6-499 In Weakness and In Need In weakness and in need O Lord
ch 6-500 King of My Life King of my life, I crown Thee now Lest I forget Gethsemane
ch 6-501 My Father, This I Ask of Thee My Father, this I ask of theen Strength for each trial and each task
ch 6-502 When They Led Their Lord and Master When they led their Lord and Master
ch 6-503 We Gather, O Lord We gather, O Lord, in our need and our weakness
ch 6-504 Speed Thy Servants Speed Thy servants, Saviour, speed them
ch 6-505 O What Depth of Love and Pity O What depth of love and pity