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B6300 220
8.5"×11" coil-bound 200 Assorted Hymns
Garry Protheroe
200 Assorted Hymns shared during the Covid Restriction days in 2020
B6301 220
A4 coil-bound 200 Assorted Hymns
Garry Protheroe
200 Assorted Hymns shared during the Covid Restriction days in 2020

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Table of contents for B6300
Number First line of first verse Author Composer
1 My Saviour, I would cross the brook Robert Kinghorn Alan Murray
2 As I looked on the scene G. L. P. George Bennard
3 More than they that watch for morning Jack Annand Sam Jones
4 Let us run the race with patience Jack Annand Annie F. Q. Harrison
5 Launching forth to fields far distant Jack Annand Mrs J Worthington Bliss
6 Hast thou been hungry Susanne C. Umlauf William A Huntley
7 Help us, O Lord to understand Jack Annand Charles H Gabriel
8 Fret not thy soul Jack Annand W. S. Weeden
9 Come for all things are now ready Jack Annand Wm. J. Kirkpatrick
10 Dear Lord, we humbly thank thee Ken Paginton C. D. Urhan
11 O Sinner as the flood of time Jack Annand
12 O’er the brook out to the dessert Jack Annand C. Austin Miles
13 Lo, the grass that round us withers Jack Annand
14 Often we cannot see C. V. Mitchell (modified) William Henry Monk
15 Thy words eternal, Lord Ken Paginton Jack Price
16 Walk with me Al Langdon and Pat J Zondervan Al Langdon
17 There are no fears while in the presence Lucinda “Lucie” Manning
18 With your whole heart G. L. P. Russian folk song
19 The Lord’s my shepherd Francis Rous E. O. Excell
20 When they lead their Lord and Master German air
21 Thou hast spoken words of comfort Jack Annand Annie F. Q. Harrison
22 When God spoke unto Noah John C. Bieri John C. Bieri
23 God's church is not a building
24 Jesus, draw me ever nearer Margaret Becker
25 Sometimes life’s burdens grief and gloom Ron King
26 Where is the house that ye shall build Jack Annand
27 They are sleeping in the garden Jack Annand
28 Some other time I’ll call for thee Jack Annand
29 Hark, ‘tis a voice through the ages Jack Annand
30 Soul adrift without a Saviour Jack Annand
31 See the throng without a shepherd Jack Annand
32 The hardest instrument to play
33 Send us forth O Blessed Master E. A. H.
34 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John G. L. P.
35 God's giv'n one life to live to men G. L. P.
36 Jesus came from Heaven revealing
37 From heaven’s glory
38 Have Thine own was Lord!
39 When your soul is much discouraged
40 Come ye weary ones to Jesus
41 I heard the voice of Jesus say
42 The Saviour now is seeking
43 We come apart
44 If we but knew
45 Your life is one short season here
46 Gracious Redeemer I am here before Thee
47 I love to follow along with my Saviour G. L. P.
48 It's not the leaves that hold the tree
49 God has a purpose for your life Dale Richardson
50 The Gospel according to
51 The sands have been washed in the footprints
52 Lord, in the morning
53 If you cannot, on the ocean Ellen Gates
54 It's only a tiny rosebud George Walker
55 Christ has no hands but our hands
56 We thank Thee Lord for faithful friends
57 As dawn’s light breaks upon
58 One flock, one fold, one shepherd Jason Landless
59 Cast thy bread upon the waters
60 Take your burden soul so weary
61 Then be thou there Dean Bruer
62 Our friends have crossed the veil Barry Vercueil
63 As life goes onward Austin Ramsden
64 God, favour me the vict'ry to win Sarah Baseman
65 Lead me through this one last Edwin Keith Olsen
66 There is no sorrow in heaven C. E. S.
67 Who’s this one from on high?
68 O Father, Thou hast promised Rev. Walter Stanley Senior
69 Down in the valley
70 Saviour, like a shepherd lead
71 Maybe knowing but not willing John Bowman
72 My Lord and I can never part J. A. Chelliah
73 Though passing through J. A. Chelliah
74 Though life is fading fast J. A. Chelliah
75 My only strength and Saviour Thou J. A. Chelliah
76 Looking forward J. A. Chelliah
77 I wandered in my youthful bloom J. A. Chelliah
78 Walked the Saviour on the waters J. A. Chelliah
79 When evening shadows J. A. Chelliah
80 Oh Holy Spirit come on us J. A. Chelliah
81 ‘Tis often hard the lofty climb J. A. Chelliah
82 O Lord I thank Thee J. A. Chelliah
83 In patience posses ye your souls J. A. Chelliah
84 Tributes of men J. A. Chelliah
85 There’s a voice ere so sweet J. A. Chelliah
86 There was a day when I heard Thee J. A. Chelliah
87 Alone I trod this desert land J. A. Chelliah
88 Come to me O ye that labour J. A. Chelliah
89 Praising anthems rise within me J. A. Chelliah
90 There’s a city here J. A. Chelliah
91 Thy presence , Lord to me is gold J. A. Chelliah
92 Be with me through all the day J. A. Chelliah
93 O Teach me how to care J. A. Chelliah
94 Thou art my all sufficient God J. A. Chelliah
95 Enchanting view I now behold J. A. Chelliah
96 Teach me to pray, Lord J. A. Chelliah
97 Life with its past J. A. Chelliah
98 Fear not the hardness of the way J. A. Chelliah
99 This way is true J. A. Chelliah
100 How sweet Thy voice J. A. Chelliah
101 Through all the cold and rain J. A. Chelliah
102 Wandering soul, O far away J. A. Chelliah
103 My Master and I at the dawn J. A. Chelliah
104 My only treasure is Jesus J. A. Chelliah
105 Lord I thank Thee for the way J. A. Chelliah
106 The heart of God yet longs for me J. A. Chelliah
107 God of my youth J. A. Chelliah
108 I long to see Thy face J. A. Chelliah
109 Thou led me Lord J. A. Chelliah
110 My heart I yield it all to Thee J. A. Chelliah
111 To love as Jesus loved J. A. Chelliah
112 There is a sea a golden sea J. A. Chelliah
113 I struggled on the path of obligation Jim West
114 I love the Lord because
115 One bad decision G. L. P.
116 In a valley so lifeless Laura Murray
117 Lord as I rise J. Murdoch
118 Lord when I’m weary J. Murdoch
119 Eternal Peace and joy and rest J. Murdoch
120 Whom have I Lord in heaven
121 Spirit most excellent
122 Do you have the mind of Jesus? A. S. Maynard
123 I love Thy way
124 There is beyond the azure blue A. W. D.
125 When you pray at noon
126 If we but knew the price God's people pay
127 Lord, Help us redeem the time Arthur McCullagh
128 Come into My presence
129 Not just in moments Valeria R. Lehman
130 God sent His Son, they called Him Jesus Kristin Chenoweth
131 Once like a bird in prison I dwelt
132 In the dark of the midnight M. L.
133 I think of those
134 Within the walls Dale Richardson
135 To the darkened world God gives B. K. S.
136 You have longed for sweet peace Elisha A. Hoffman
137 I want to help and to be a blessing
138 God is gathering Graeme Wood
139 Now the LORD God had said G. L. P.
140 Come before winter Dean Bruer
141 Christ left His home and His glory
142 Don’t be discouraged
143 God’s Perfect Love I do not understand L. A.
144 The riches of Thy goodness Jason Munckton
145 We appreciate your going Margaret Spencer
146 Oh, Parents pray for your children R. E .B.
147 I pray for grace T. S.
148 I thank Thee Lord K. P.
149 Loved with everlasting love Wade Robinson
150 Some day we must go upon a journey
151 If you do nothing else today
152 In life’s springtime full of light James Jardine
153 Love Divine so great and wond'rous Fred Blom
154 Dear Lord I’ll be a witness Jack & Billy Campbell
155 I stood alone outside the fold
156 Hear Thou my prayer Rene Beattie
157 Lift up the torch of Heavenly light Kenneth Dissmore
158 You’re not your own
159 To live for Christ Kenneth Dissmore
160 What shall I say when troubled is
161 I Love the Lord for He hath
162 Amazing Grace shall always Dottie Rambo/Dale Richardson
163 Lord let me hear once more
164 Sometimes we ask for sunshine K. L.
165 Let us not be weak in faith or slack to enter
166 When deep distress and sorrow
167 I was a wandering sheep
168 Life at best is very brief
169 In Eden’s garden
170 Our Shepherd is so wonderfully kind
171 Many Generations have passed
172 Jesus, Thy life is mine
173 In the heaven above I see
174 Dear Lord, How much I need Thy power
175 O God give ear unto my cry
176 There’s a line drawn
177 ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus Louisa M. R. Stead
178 I met God in the morning
179 I’d rather have Jesus Rhea F. Miller
180 I can be strong, Ira F. Stanphil
181 When life’s heartaches
182 Jesus loves His little lambs
183 The heart of ev'ry child of God’s
184 Go quietly amongst the sheep.
185 Last night I took a journey Hilda Hanson
186 When the ones we love and cherish Kenneth Dissmore
187 My feet were almost gone Krystle Hall
188 A certain man, a great feast made Krystle Hall
189 Are you suffering my child? Krystle Hall
190 Have you sinned and fallen? Krystle Hall
191 I thank Thee Lord, for this my place Krystle Hall
192 I need Thee Lord to show to me Krystle Hall
193 Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done Krystle Hall
194 Are you disappointed? Krystle Hall
195 I care not today what the morrow may bring James Wells & Robert E. Winsett
196 Give me strength Krystle Hall
197 Take time to be holy W. D. Longstaff
198 He giveth more grace Annie Johnson Flint
199 When it is hard to forgive Jill Stearns
200 God requires a living off'ring W. Weir