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B6300 220
8.5×11” coil-bound 200 Assorted Hymns
Garry Protheroe
200 Assorted Hymns shared during the Covid Restriction days in 2020
B6301 220
A4 coil-bound 200 Assorted Hymns
Garry Protheroe
200 Assorted Hymns shared during the Covid Restriction days in 2020

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Table of contents for B6300
number title first line chorus author composer
1 A Child of Thine Help me to be a child O. K. Skaw O. K. Skaw
2 A Christian’s Hope Christ in us, the hope of glory Saviour, come and dwell in me, O. K. Skaw Silas Jones Vail
3 A Drifter Oh, how sad to see a drifter in the stream of life Helen Baird J. S.
4 A Faith Like Others Would you like faith like others Read the Bible ev’ry day, O. K. Skaw S. J. Vail
5 A Song of Thanks from Friends to Workers You heard the call so loud and clear We’re thankful for the ones today Linda Silvey James M. Black
6 A Heavenly Pilot Life is like a hea’nly airplane Heav’nly Pilot, guide us onward Robert Campbell Tune 103 C. D. Tillman
7 Abide With These – Wedding Hymn
8 All Things are Now Ready All things are now ready, O friend, come today Helen Windsor 2008 Eli Christy
9 All Worthy of Our Praise All worthy of our praise From Psalm 7 Lowell Mason
10 Apart With Thee Apart with Thee, O Lord today, O Lord, today. Thy blessing now bestow; Sandy Scott Ben H. Price
11 As Evening Comes As ev’ning comes to me, Kenneth Dissmore Franz Schubert
12 As Clouds of Darkness Gather As clouds of darkness gather We do not know the hour (Tune 107) Mrs. J. G. Wilson
13 As The Life of a Flower As the life of a flow’r As the life of a flow’r Laura E. Newell (1904) G. H. Ramsey (1904)
14 At Calvary Years I spent in vanity and pride Mercy there was great Wiliam R. Newell (1895) Daniel B. Towner (1895)
15 At The Feet of Jesus At the feet of Jesus, Philip P. Bliss Philip P. Bliss
16 Beholding With Deepest Amazement Beholding with deepest amazement The blood for my sin atones;
17 Beneath His Wings In the secret of His presence there is rest, Beneath His wings I’m safely hiding Julia H. Johnson Dale Richardson
18 Bless’ed Lord, On Thee I Wait Blessed Lord, on Thee I wait, (Tune 194) J. B. Dykes
19 Calvary I know not why they treated Him with scorn Dan Nicolaisen Dan Nicolaisen
20 Come, Take My Hand “Come take my hand” Linda Silvey W. H. Monk
21 Come toThe Saviour Come to the Saviour Joyfull, joyful will the meeting be, G. F. Root G. F. Root
22 Come, Lord Jesus, Come I often see the weary Jack Jackson G.L.P.
23 Come, Join Our Joyful Song Come join our joyful song of praise: Our God loves us!
24 Father, what shall I do? Father, what shall I do? Sylwia Walasz Sylwia Walasz
25 Could You Refuse? O yough, to you the Saviour whispers Cleon A. Moe Cleon A. Moe
26 Crucified for Me Jesus, Thou in love hast suffered, Crucified, crucified L. Skaw L. Skaw
27 Do Not Be Sad Do not be sad, Kenneth Dissmore
28 Do Not Fear God is good, and He understood “Oh, Do not fear Jim West Melody by Jim West
29 Down in The Valley Down in the valley, Robert Campbell
30 E’en Though it Seems E’en though it seems as if Henry T. Smart
31 Encouragement For Our Elderly Friends Our elderly friends, we look to you Linda Silvey (modified) (Tune #6) Dr. E. Miller
32 Faith is Now the Substance Faith is now the substance He didn’t need another sign to follow Jesus, Jim West Jim West (April 2021)
33 Farther Along Tempted and tried Farther along we’ll know all about it, W. B. Stevens (1937) W. B. Stevens & J. R. Baxter (1937)
34 Father Eternal Father eternal, at Thy feet we worship Cornelius Jaensen (translated from French)
35 Father, in Deep Humility Father,in deep humility, In Thy great love, Lord, Daniel B. Towner (1895)
36 Father, Though I May Have Failed Thee Father though I may have failed Thee, Kenneth Dissmore
37 Fear Thou Not Oh weary pilgrim, Fear thou not, Cesar Malan / Jane E. Arnold James McGranahan 1884 (altered)
38 Fear Ye Not, My Little Flock Fear ye not, My little flock Ian Simpson J. B. Dykes
39 For I am My Father’s Child I love my Father’s name, For I am my Father’s child, R. Beling Traditional English melody adapted by Franklin L. Sheppard
40 Forget Us Not Forget us not, Our God on high is not unjust; T. McDaniel T. McDaniel
41 Forsake Me Not, Lord Jesus Forsake me not, Lord Jesus, A. (Kacper) Tosio S. S. Wesley
42 Fruit of the Spirit I’ll praise my Well beloved, Fruit of the Spirit is giv’n to those L. Skaw Alexandru Enea
43 Give Me No Treasure Give me no treasure Nothing is mine if I must leave it here, C. Austin Miles Philip A. Hall
44 Glory Unto Jesus Looking unto Jesus, Glory unto Jesus Jim West Jim West
45 Father, Mothers Fathers, mother, you’ve been trusted Margaret Hanson C. F. Witt (1660-1716)
46 God Affirms, “Sure as I Live” God affirms, “Sure as I live, Jan Heermann Benjamin R. Hanby
47 God Gives His Spirit God gives His Spirit L. Skaw Austrian folk song (Kufsteiner Lied)
48 God is Love! God is love! John W. Peterson John W. Peterson
48a God is Love! God is love! John W. Peterson John W. Peterson; Harmony by D. Puffalt
49 God is Wonderful I’ve seen some bitter days, Sometimes my soul has hung on such a slender thread Ernest Robinson Paul Evans
49a God is Wonderful I’ve seen some bitter days, Sometimes my soul has hung on such a slender thread Ernest Robinson Melody by Paul Evans; Harmony by D. Puffalt
50 God’s Mighty Hand I long to see my Father’s hand, Thy Kingdom come, Sam Pflaum Sam Pflaum
51 In Weakness and in Need (Tune #13) J. B. Dykes
52 Grace He giveth more grace Grace. Grace, grace, He giveth more grace Annie J. Flint Dale Richardson
53 Guide Me, Lord Guide me Lord, and keep me faithful Kenneth Dissmore John Hughes
54 Hark, The Resurrection Morn Hark, the resurrection morn Peter Ritter (altered)
55 He Leadeth Me He leadeth me He leadeth me Joseph H. Gilmore (1862) William B. Bradbury (1864)
56 He Lives The head that once was crowned with thorns He lives, He lives Verses: Thomas Kelly 1820
57 He Took My Place Sometimes I see, He took my place, George O. Webster Grant Colfax Tuller
58 He Who Dwells in the Shadow of His Master He who dwells in the shadow of his Master Jan Kochanowski, from Psalm 91
59 Help Us to Bend, Lord Help us to bend, Lord Lord, help us humbly take up our cross
60 Here I am, Lord I, the Lord of sea and sky Here I am, Lord Daniel L. Schutte arr. By M. Brook
61 Higher Ground I’m pressing on the upward way Lord lift me up and let me stand, Johnson Oatman Jr. (1856 to 1926) C. H. Gabriel
62 How I Long to Dwell with Thee, Lord How I long to dwell with Thee, Lord, K. J. F. Spitta 1801-1859 Geo. C. Stebbins
63 How Can I Fear? When shadows fall, Jesus is King! Ron Hamilton Ron Hamilton
64 How Could We Live Joyfully? How could we live joyfully Your Father in heaven Eli Christy
65 How I Long For the Homeland’s Shore How I long, day by day, E. F. Paulus 1843-1893
66 Humbly We Enter Thy Presence Humbly we enter Thy presence Sweetest appeal of love divine, F. A. Clark
67 I Am I am the Lord, I am the Way, Jim West Melody by Jim West; Harmony by D. Puffalt
68 I Am Coming, Father I am coming, Father, A. Starbright
69 I Am Resolved I am resolved I will hasten to Him, Palmer Hartsough (1896) James H. Fillmore (1896)
70 I Have a Loving, Mighty Saviour I have a loving, mighty Saviour Ev’ry one needs to know Him.
71 I Know Not What the Day Shall Bring I know not what the day shall bring, In calm I wait expectantly,
72 I Know Who Pilots Me When angry waves about me roll Yes, well I know who pilots me James Rowe 1905 Howard E. Smith
73 I Need the Heart of Christ I need the heart of Christ, I want to be like Christ O. K. Skaw G. W. Martin
74 Immanuel`From the squalour of a borrowed stable Stuart Townend Stuart Townend
75 In a Land Dry and Thirsty In a land dry and thirsty King David, Psalm 63 L. Skaw
76 In Thy Pity, Thy Great Mercy In Thy pity, Thy great mercy, In Thee my solace A. Starbright
77 In Thy Ways, Lord In Thy ways, Lord,
78 Is Christ Crowded Out Is Christ crowded out Crowded out, crowded out; Mrs. C. H. Morris Mrs. C. H. Morris
79 It Can Never Grow Old They tell me the story of Jesus is old, It can never grow old, Daniel W. Whittle May W. Moody
80 It’s Going To Be All Right When we have fear, Jim West Jim West
81 It Was Alone It was alone the Saviour prayed Alone, alone, He bore it all alone, Benjamin H. Price (Tune 172) Benjamin H. Price
82 I’ve Undertaken a Long Journey I’ve undertaken a long journey, A sweet reflection that often soothes me Juventino Valdez Juventino Valdez
83 Jesus Knows Thy Sorrow Jesus knows thy sorrow, Jesus knows thy sorrow, W. O. Cushing C. H. Gabriel (altered)
84 Jesus, Spring of Joy Jesus, spring of joy and gladness, Kenneth Dissmore
85 Jesus, Our Example Let us sing praise to Jesus, Our Saviour should be our example; O. K. Skaw O. K. Skaw
86 Jesus Paid It All Gone is all my debt of sin, Jesus died and paid it all, M. S. Shaffer (1916) S. W. Beazley (1916)
87 Jesus the Way, Truth and Life The way, the Truth and the Life am I, Down from His heavenly home above, Dale Ford Henry Barraclough
88 Jesus Will! Who will open mercy’s door? Jesus will! Jesus will! I. D. Ogden, 1912 B. D. Ackely
89 Just Where He Needs Me I heard the voice of Jesus Just where He needs me Kenneth Dissmore
90 Keep the First Thing First Lord, may the faithful be faithful Keep the first thing still first Dale Richardson Dale Richardson
91 King of My Life King of my life Lest I forget Gethsemane, Jennie Evelyn Hussey (1921 Sydney H. Nicholson (1916)
92 Lead Me Through Shall I say, “Oh, save me, Lord, Lead me through, Serge Ahossi 2015 William Doane 1869
93 Let Me Not Stay Why must I leave my native land But I have seen a vision of that land, Lealand P. Broughton Swedish traditional melody
94 Let Us Approach the Saviour’s Table Let us approach the Saviour’s table, J. L. Fricker A. H. Ackley
95 Lift Your Eyes Unto Jesus Lift your eyes unto Jesus,
96 Listen, Lord, to Our Petitions Listen, Lord, toour petitions Hear our prayer, as we cry, From Psalm 5 Don Puffalt
97 Look to the Glorious Son Showers in April bring flowers in May; Life is a desert if there is no rain. O. K. Skaw O. K. Skaw
98 Looking for a City Our Lamb was slain without the camp, We’re loking for a city new L. Skaw Alexandru Enea
99 Lord, a Valley Lies Ahead Lord, a valley lies ahead of me, This is Baca, “Vale of Weeping;” C. FrederickW. Allen Glenn Smith
100 Lord, I Need Lord, I need forgiveness, O. K. Skaw O. K. Skaw
101 Lord, Is It I? Someone is slighting the Saviour Lord, is it I? J. R. Clements Robert Harkness
102 Lord Remember This Young Couple Lord remember this young couple Bind these two young lives together Robert Doecke J. B. O. Clemm
103 Lord, Today I Bring the Offering Lord, today I bring the offering Henry S. Thompson (altered)
104 Lord, Were it Not For Thee Lord, were it not for Thee Christian Gregor (1723-1801)
105 Lord, With All My Heart Lord, with all my heart O. K. Skaw Glenn Smith
106 Jesus, Saviour of My Soul O Jesus, Saviour of my soul,
107 Lord With Comfort Ever Springing Lord with comfort ever springing John R. Sweney
108 Lord, Who Would To Thy Mountain Climb Kenneth Dissmore
109 Maintain My Lot O God Maintain my lot, O God, From Psalm 16 P. P. Bliss
110 Making a Choice There are times of decision Now the Saviour is speaking’ O. K. Skaw O. K. Skaw
111 Maybe Knowning Maybe knowing but not willing John Bowman John Bowman
112 My Father, This I Ask My Father, this I ask of Thee, Strength for each trial and each task
113 My Hope is Built on Nothing Less My hope is built on nothing less On Christ, the solid rock, Edward Mote (1834) W. B. Bradbury (1863)
114 My Saviour Has Supreme Control My Saviour has spreme control, (Tune 240) Wm. A. Huntley
115 My Saviour Said Unto My Soul My Saviour said unto my soul: Frances R. Havergal
116 My Testimony Confusion reigned, religion baffled me Helen Baird C. H. Purday
117 No, Never Alone I’ve seen the lightening flashing, No, never alone, Ludie C. Day Pickett
118 Not my Own, But Saved by Jesus Not my own, but saved by Jesus Not my own! Daniel W. Whittle 1878 James McGranahan 1884 (altered)
119 O Bless’ed Lord, the Night is Falling O blessed Lord, the night, the night is falling, Oh, come Thou back John Martin Londonderry Air Traditional Irish melody
120 O Holy Spirit, Come O Lord, when in these human vessels, D.N. Dan Nicolaisen
121 O Lord, I Pray Search my heart, O Lord Dan Nicolaisen Gabriels Oboe (arr. by D.N.
122 Oh, Take My Hand, Dear Father Oh, take my hand, dear Father,
123 O Lord, I Am Plodding O Lord, I am plodding I never can leave Thee, Kenneth Dissmore (ammended)
124 O New Jerusalem! O new Jerusalem! B. Johnson (Tune 197) Albert Simpson Reitz
125 O Thou Who Hearest Prayers O Thou who hearest prayers of men, O. K. Skaw Bert Pattison
126 Oh, Bring Again Thy Sunshine Bring to my soul once again Kenneth Dissmore
127 Oh, Bliss of the Purified Oh, bliss of the purified Oh, sing of His mighty love, Francis Bottome 1869 (altered) Wm. B. Bradbury
128 Oh, Call on Me in All Your Pain Oh, call on me in all your pain Translated from French M. Boisonnas
129 Oh, Don’t You Hear Him Knocking? A hand all bruised and bleeding Oh, don’t you hear Him Knocking Johnson Oatman Jr. (1856 to 1926) J. Howard Entwistle
130 Oh, Forsake Me Not, Lord Jesus Oh, forsake me not, Lord Jesus,
131 Oh, Glorious Day Oh, glorious day, The greatest joy I know Kenneth Dissmore
131a Oh, Glorious Day Oh, glorious day, The greatest joy I know to be Kenneth Dissmore
132 Oh, I’m Thinking Tonight of My Father Oh, I’m thinking tonight of my Father, Robert Campbell
133 Oh, My God, Hear Thou My Pleading Oh, myGod, hear Thou my pleading, Psalm 22 Herbert H. Booth
134 Oh, What Grace Oh, what grace, O Jesus, I come now unto Thee (Tune 291)
135 Oh, Why Dost Thou Hesitate, My Friend? Oh, why dost thou hesitate, my friend, Why not? Why not fall at the feet of thy Lord?
136 Once I Wandered Once I wandered on in darkness Now I long to be more like Him Wilfred Terreberry Geo. F. Root
137 Only One Truth Only one truth O. K. Skaw Joe Macadam
138 Only Today Only today Thou’st granted to me Ian Simpson Ian Simpson
138a One More Year One more year of mercy Kenneth Dissmore Gerda Kjellman modified
139 Our Precious Lord and Saviour Our precious Lord and Saviour, Mrs. J. G. Wilson
140 Only Thee, My Soul’s Redeemer Only Thee, my soul’s Redeemer! Only Thee, only Thee, Wm. B. Bradbury
141 Our Heartfelt Thanks We Offer Our heartfelt thanks we offer D. Jenkins
142 Our Hearts Sing Out in Praise Our hearts sing out in praise today, Dean Swenson Wm. A. Huntley arr.
143 Precious Gifts From God Precious gifts from God the Father, R. Sullivan Co. Cork J. B. F. Wright
144 Rich in Grace Rich in grace that has no measure
145 The Lord’s Great Creation The Lord’s abundant, great creation Ian Simpson Ian Simpson
146 “Some Day,” You Say “Some day,” you say, Choose now, just now! Harriet Fithian C. E. Rounsefell
147 Safe Within The Sanctuary In the sanctuary alone Norman Frost J. B. Dykes
148 See How the Wicked See how the wicked here on earth From Psalm 73
149 Sing to Me of Heaven Sijng to me of heaven, Sing to me of heaven, Ada Powell (1914) Benjamin Burke Beall (1914)
150 Sometime We’ll Understand Not now, but in the coming years Then trust in God through all thy days; Maxwell N. Cornelius 1921 James McGranahan 1884 (altered)
151 Sowing the Seed The sower goes to sow the seed, O. K. Skaw Wm. A. Huntley arr.
152 Speed Thy Servants Speed Thy servants, Saviour, Thomas Kelly 1820 William L. Viner
153 Stand Up for Jesus Stand up, stand up for Jesus George Duffield (1858) George J. Webb (1837)
154 Stop, O Wanderer, in Your Pathway Stop, O wanderer, in your pathway, God is calling to him hasten, Geo. C. Stebbins
155 Sunday Morning Fellowship Oh God, I thank thee for the ones Mrs. L. S. Chafer
156 Sweet Hour of Prayer Sweet hour of prayer William W. Walford (1845) Vs 1-3 William B. Bradbury (1859)
157 Take Thou My Hand Take Thou my hand! Hubert P. Main
158 Teach Me, Lord, to Believe Teach me, Lord, to believe, Ray Mascher Mansell B. Ramsay
159 Thank You, Lord Thank you, Lord; Now this day I have a Saviour, Tom Davis Ryan White
160 The Broken Harp In the corner of the basement, Jean Clifton Castner F. Hermann Geue
161 The Boards and Bars of the Tabernacle The tabernacle of the ancient way R. Crosbie
162 Thou art Calling Us, Lord Jesus Thou art calling us, Lord Jesus,
163 The Faith of Our Fathers The faith of our fathers O. K. Skaw F. Kaillmark
164 The Cross Was His Own They borrowed a bed to lay His head, But the crown that He wore, L. M. Hollingsworth
164a The Cross Was His Own They borrowed a bed to lay His head, But the crown that He wore, L. M. Hollingsworth
165 The Night Watches If your Lord return at even L. Skaw Ciprian Porumbescu
166 The Heart of Jesus The heart of Jesus is so great Jeanette Lukritz
167 The Great Judgment Morning I dreamt that the great judgment morning Bertram H. Shadduck, 1894 Leander L. Pickett
168 The Hidden Blessing When deep distress and sorrow lay upon me, from Afrikaans hymnbook (author unknown) Scott Wiseman
168a The Hidden Blessing When deep distress and sorrow weigh upon me. upon me, from Afrikaas hymnbook (author unknown) Scott Wiseman
169 The Lord is My Shepherd The Lord is my Shepherd Kenneth Dissmore
170 The Lord My Shepherd I can call the Lord my Shepherd I’m so glad I met the Saviour O. K. Skaw Ira F. Stanphill
171 The Path of Life My Lord has shown me the path of life Outof His love and great care for me I. V. Baartz (2016) Henry Barraclough
172 The Old Violin “Twas all battered and scarred and the auctioneer Myra Brooks Welch
173 The Power of Kind Words When the cares of life are many B. Johnston Melody by Betty Midler; Harmony by D. Puffalt
174 The Rose The rose, behold it while it’s at its best; B. Johnston Alan Murray (modified)
175 The Sea of Life Waters cold and bleak No, we cannot walk without Thee Mariam A. Henry Henry T. Smart
176 The Work is Thine The work is Thine,
177 The Voice of My Beloved The voice of my Beloved Jesus, I cherish, Dean Bruer
178 There Came a Gladness There came a gladness to my soul Kenneth Dissmore W. P. Rowlands (altered)
179 There is a Source There is a source,
180 Thinking of Me I was in bondage Thinking of me. O. K. Skaw I. H. Meredith
181 This Future What a puzzle is this future, John L. Sterling John L. Sterling
182 Thorny is the Pathway Thorny is the pathway God is your Creator
183 'Tis I Who Knocks “’Tis I who knocks,
184 Time’s a Gift When we’re young time passes slow, Time’s a gift, spend it wisely Jim West Jim West
185 The Right Words Give me the right words, Lord, Susan Tier (amended) H. Percy Smith
186 Thy Holy Presence, Master Thy holy presence, Master, Each day, at ev’ry moment`` Wm. J. Kirkpatrick
187 To The Saviour Come To the Saviour come,
188 True Love Revealed in Christ True love revealed in Christ
189 Twas Jesus Christ Twas Jesus Christ D. A. Enrietta Lewis H. Redner
190 Was it for Me God’s Holy Son Was it for me God’s holy Son
191 We Appreciate We appreciate our children J. E. Hawes
192 We Come Before Thy Throne O blessed Lord, we come before Thy throne We come before Thy throne Kenneth Dissmore (Greek tune)
193 We Don’t Want Tears We don’t want tears, We love to think of Him A.B.E. Arthur H. Mann
194 We Gather, O Lord We gather, O Lord,
195 We Long in This World We long in this world to be Thine, R. Saillens 1855-1935
196 We Must Either Pray or Perish We must either pray or perish, Sam Jones Lowell Mason
197 We Seek Thy Face, Our Father We seek Thy face, our Father, Sam Jones Theodore E. Perkins
198 When I Fear My Faith Will Fail When I fear my faith will fail, He will hold me fast, Ada R. Habershon Robert Harkness
199 When I Look Upon Creation When I look upon creation I. V. Baartz (2016) J. E. Hawes
200 When the New Day Dawns When the new day dawns at sunrise, “Listen, friend, I love you near me, Linda Silvey Asa A. Armen
201 When Thy Mortal Life is Fled When thy mortal life is fled, Tune 214 G. F. Handel
202 When You’re Not Sure When you’re not sure
203 Where We’ll Never Grow Old I have heard of a land Never grow old James Cleveland Moore (1914) J. C. Moore
204 Who Could Fathom, King of Heaven Who could fathom, King of heaven, P. P. Bliss
205 Why is There so Often a Tear? Why is there so often a tear
206 Will You Now Accept the Saviour Will you now accept the Saviour? Oh, will you not believe Him? Sam Jones S. J. Vail
207 With All My Soul With all my soul,
208 With Cares of Life With cares of life J. MacAdam
209 Wouldst Thou Live Thy Life Wouldst Thou live Thy life in me, Helene Reimann
210 Only in Thee! Only in Thee, O Saviour mine T. O. Chisholm Chas. H. Gabriel
211 From Heaven Above From heaven above Keep true to the Lord James Jardine Daniel E. Kelley
212 God Has Made Great Provision God has made great provision to save you
213 Hope in the Valley There’s times in life that the valley seems deep, Help me to look up to Thee Linda Silvey May Whittle Moody
214 He Loves My Soul Jesus, my Saviour, came to earth He loves my soul; Laurie Genik Rolf Lovland
215 I Have a Friend I have a friend in whom I am confiding, He’s my best Friend` Charles F.Weigle Traditional Irish melody
216 I Look Not Back I look not back: E. Mary Anderson
217 Repentance To Thee, my Father, now I come If we uproot a mighty tree, (Tune 253) Ira D. Sankey
218 Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Will the circle be unbroken Ada R. Habershon
219 Father, I Ask Thee Father, I know that all my life Anna Letitia Waring 1850 K. W.
219a Father, I Ask Thee Father, I know that all my life, Anna Letitia Waring 1850 Charles Steggall (1826-1905)
220 Under His Wings Under His wings Under His wings, William O. Cushing Ira D. Sankey