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format Name
B5001 112
11×8.5” coil-bound Handwritten book
Sam Jones
A reprint of a hundred or so hymns in Sam’s own handwriting. Interesting because Sam’s handwriting was very ornate. No music notation.
B5002 556
2 volume set 8.5×11” coil-bound modern edition
Sam Jones
A modern, re-typeset, edition of each of the 467 hymns Sam is known to have written, with full music notation.
B5003 192
5.5×8.5” coil-bound poems 192pg
Sam Jones
A collection of poems and short verses composed or collected by Sam Jones.
B5004 204
5.5×8.5” coil-bound poems 204pg
Sam Jones
Revelations, poems and verses composed or collected by Sam Jones.
BD5000 860
e-books on a CD-ROM Collection on CD-ROM
Sam Jones
Books of Sam Jones hymns, pictures, historical notes, Sam’s drawings and handwriting. Include ready-to-print PDFs of B5001, B5002, and B5003. Includes MIDI files for each hymn that can be played on most computers.

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