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HA3501 1 Reel-to-reel hymns
Joe Crane et alia (see TOC)
A variety of recordings. Joe Crane (solo and tenor); Geo. P. (lead) Norma Henderson and Mary Simon -- vocal duets

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all from reel-to-reel, transferred to cassette and then digitized. Very old original, quality variable.
Recordings made at various dates, apparently by Chester Sweetland
Joe Crane sings solo part and tenor Geo. P. soprano
Norma Henderson and Mary Simon duets
Organ Bernice Aylesworth
Piano Gary Bassett
Solos by Gary Bassett
Norma at M ? Aylesworth funeral
George Ackerman, Maria Hartig, Chester Sweetland - Boulder, CO
Montana Meditation
Hymns J. Ford
Life’s Setting Sun
It Is No Secret
jg - Joe Crane plays guitar, and sings solo part and tenor; Geo. P. soprano
j - Joe plays guitar, and sings
nm - Norma Henderson and Mary Simon sing a duet
p - piano solo; possibly J. Ford
u - uncertain who is singing or playing; possibly Joe and George singing
Joe recorded Jan 20, 1976

Table of contents for HA3501
Total Length: <48:30:30>
Collection Track Track Length Book and Number Title
1 1 <03:13:51> He will come as a thief in the night (*jg)
2 2 <02:25:33> CH 56 I love my Master (*j)
3 3 <02:03:63> One thing is needful v1 (*j)
4 4 <03:47:39> Meditation (*p)
5 5 <03:08:48> When We See Christ (*u)
6 6 <01:36:36> HON 1987 302 Dear Saviour, Lead Me (*u)
7 7 <02:38:57> When we are yielding to the Lord (*jg)
8 8 <02:47:57> God’s Way Is Best For Me (*j)
9 9 <02:21:36> Help Me Go On, Lord v1 (*jg)
10 10 <04:29:48> CH 146 Who Is This Man of Sorrows (*j) [missing first phrase]
11 11 <01:48:00> His Love Is Wonderful to Me (*nm)
12 12 <02:51:54> More like the Master (*nm)
13 13 <02:12:36> God’s Prince of Power--- (*nm)
14 14 <01:54:36> Help Me Go On, Lord v2 (*nm)
15 15 <02:22:15> The sky lies all serene and still--- (*nm)
16 16 <02:51:00> HON 1987 403 Impelled by Love
17 17 <02:02:30> One Thing Is Needful v2 (*nm)
18 18 <03:11:12> At the Sea of Galilee (*nm)
19 19 <00:41:54> HON 1987 127 Hear the Voice of Jesus (piano)