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HA7603 1 assorted hymns
Kamela LiaBraaten
vocals and piano

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Table of contents for HA7603
Total Length: <74:40:61>
Collection Track Track Length Book and Number Title First line Chorus Notes ██ ███ ████ █████ ██████ ███████ ████████ █████████ ██████████
1 1 <03:08:37> I have found, I have found on the journey of life where the millions so carelessly trod Tune is “The Voice of My Saviour” from the book “Zion’s Praises” 297
2 2 <03:23:37> As shadows fall at eventide
3 3 <02:53:68> In this lowly place again We are one day’s journey nearer home
4 4 <02:28:20> By the wayside I was begging No one could ever do what Jesus did for me
5 5 <03:25:11> Listen to Jesus, King of Salvation Then you shall know Him, love and adore Him Tune is “Hasten to Jesus” KD 7
6 6 <01:32:72> To live for Christ could never be in vain Tune is “Today Is Mine”
7 7 <03:33:45> If the Saviour would come would he find your work done He will come as a thief in the night Tune is “The Old Rugged Cross”
8 8 <02:53:22> I would rather have one day with Jesus
9 9 <02:40:27> Jesus found me when a poor, lost sinner Tune is “Have I told you lately that I love you?”
10 10 <03:22:54> Sweet as the song of angels Chart Thou the way before me Tune is “Who at My Door Is Standing?”
11 11 <03:18:51> The King of Kings was born in a stable How could He leave His home up in Heaven Tune is “Farther Along”
12 12 <02:14:10> The mountains high display their special beauty
13 13 <02:52:18> KD 61 Precious Moments Are Mine Precious moments are mine with Saviour Tune is “Colibri” by Lars Lund; words written by Kenneth Dissmore
14 14 <02:49:61> The will of God is always best in shadow or in song I cannot question God’s will for me Tune is “It Is No Secret”
15 15 <02:24:65> From bondage in Egypt, the Lord’s people cried Cling not to the shoreline where the fearful abide
16 16 <02:07:36> Heavenly Father remember Thy children
17 17 <03:20:44> So many seek for Heaven’s peace and pleasure Then turn to God and drink the waters new Tune is “How Great Thou Art”
18 18 <02:46:56> I heard the Saviour calling to me Tune is “Beautiful Dreamer”
19 19 <02:26:39> Jesus found me when a stranger Safe in Jesus, oh how precious Tune is “Precious Memories”
20 20 <02:27:68> Lord, lead me to Zion, the mountain of prayer Tune is “It Pays to Serve Jesus” HON 1987 10
21 21 <02:28:61> The sunset of life is approaching The sunset of life has a beauty
22 22 <02:28:72> Lift up the torch of love divine Tell what the Lord can do Tune is “Lord, in Our Need” HON 1987 23
23 23 <02:54:18> You may not be near the harbor Through the fire and through the water Tune is “Jesus Now and Jesus Ever” HON 1987 1
24 24 <03:13:34> HON 1987 287 In Jesus’ Hands When my heart is heavy burdened I will leave it all to Jesus
25 25 <03:12:37> KD orig 28 Be a Little Candle Maybe, just a little candle
26 26 <02:14:51> Hear thou the call of Jesus Tune is “Love Is the Kingdom’s Banner” HON 1987 21
27 27 <01:54:72> Let Me Let me be strong to nullify the weakness