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MA0102 1 A World of Peace
Helena Symphony Orchestra
Jeannie A. Davies (soprano) Casey Tuckerman (baritone) Helena Symphony Orchestra * Symphony #2 by Alexandor Borodin * Dono Nobis Pacem by Ralph Vaughan Williams

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The Helena Symphony Orchestra and Chorale
A World of Peace
Symphony #2 by Alexander Borodin
★ Allegro
★ Scherzo
★ Andante
★ Finale
Dona Nobis Pacem by Ralph Vaughan Williams
★ Dona Nobis
★ Beat! Beat! Drums!
★ Reconciliation
★ Dirge for Two Veterans
★ The Angel of Death
★ Nation Shall Not Lift a Sword Against Nation
★ Glory to God in the Highest
★ Jeannie Davies, Soprano
★ Casey Tuckerman, Baritone
Unsure how the movements map to the 4 tracks that were on the CD. I'm guessing the first three short tracks are all the Borodin symphony.

Table of contents for MA0102
Total Length: <65:50:12>
Collection Track Track Length Title
1 1 <08:20:55> Symphony #2 by Alexander Borodin
2 2 <06:20:12>
3 3 <14:09:72>
4 4 <36:57:23> Dona Nobis Pacem by Ralph Vaughan Williams