The Sam Jones Collection

Sam Jones had a phenomenal talent for writing hymns, 467 of which have been preserved in this collection. Many of his hymns have been included in the various printed editions of Hymns Old and New. The Sam Jones Collection is a CD containing three historical collections of his hymns that have been scanned from the original, limited production runs, and a version that has been retypeset in the months leading up to 2009. It also includes some historical information about Sam Jones, sketches drawn by Sam, pictures of some areas he labored in, and various historical articles about his life and hymn writing.

The outline below describes the content of the CD. The indexes give the list of hymns in the various books. Here are samples of Sam's handwriting in the handwritten edition, and of the typesetting in the modern edition.


The description of the CD, below, also describes the contained books, whether examined electronically, or obtained in printed form.

About this CD

Changes in past and future versions can be found at this errata page.

In brief

Any MIDI player can play the hymns for learning the tunes and timing. On Windows, the NoteWorthy Composer Player can be used to play the hymns. See the 2 Play Modern Edition folder.

Individual hymns or the whole collection may be printed on A4 or Letter size papers, from the 3 Print Metric Modern Edition or 4 Print Letter Modern Edition folders and subfolders, respectively.

Copies of this CD, and printed, spiral bound books of the Modern Edition, Handwritten edition, and some books of poems are also available. For these, or other questions about this collection, email or inquire via this web site:

In full

The files on this Version 16 of the CD include:

NoteWorthy notes

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