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All the zipped PDF files below can be printed using the following settings in your PDF printing programs. Different programs may call these settings by slightly different names, but they should be pretty similar. Pre-printed, spiral-bound copies with clear plastic covers can be provided by inquiring here.

If you are tired of how slow Adobe Reader is, and are a Windows user, check out SumatraPDF

Collected Hymns Books 1-6 Table of Contents is here.

This collection was originally compiled by P. E. Chamberlain, as noted in books 1-5. Book 6 was compiled many years after book 5. Apparently he had started on a Book 7, which wasn't completed before his death, and about which I am attempting to gather more information.

The original collection was 6 separate books, but they were slightly different sizes and used different margins, which I discovered when I was scanning them to reproduce them. They will all fit fine in large print on letter or A4 paper, and for "half size" on A5 paper, but some of them will not fit for "half size" on half-letter paper, they are two wide.

Because these books are old, the technology for creating quality, easy to read music was extremely expensive, and even if you have good eyesight, I recommend the large print books, although they are a bit more expensive to produce.

It is possible to bind the books all together, separately, or in groups. I find that binding the first three books together works with 18mm coil, and the remaining books and index is slightly thinner, and also works with 18mm coil, and produces nice size books. Coil generally only needs ¼" gutter.

Kenneth Dissmore 2021 edition Table of Contents is here. More information about this book is here.
Garry Protheroe COVID hymns 2020 - Book No. 1

Table of Contents is here. Educational MP3 files are here.

Garry Protheroe COVID hymns 2021 - Book No. 2

Table of Contents is here. Educational MP3 files are here.

Hymns and Poems by J. R. Wright This is a collection of the Hymns and Poems composed by Jim Wright, in words-only format.
B6401 can be printed on letter or A4 paper, stapled, folded, and, if desired, the margins trimmed.