About this CD

Everything here is referring to the 2018 Edition of the CD and books, except where old editions of books are mentioned. Changes in past and future versions can be found at this errata page.

In brief

Any MIDI player can play the hymns for learning the tunes and timing. See the 2 Play 2018 Edition folder.

The 2018 Edition books may be printed on A4 paper, either two-up or full-page from the files in the 3 Print Metric 2018 Edition folder, or on Letter size paper from the files in the 4 Print Letter Modern Edition. The similarly named DJVU files and the PDF files have identical content, but the color covers are only available in PDF. It should be noted that margins in the book files have been set up with a gutter (binding width, mirrored margins).

Copies of this CD, and printed, spiral bound books of the 2018 Edition, Handwritten edition, and some books of poems are also available. For these, or other questions about this collection, email SJhymns@rkivs.com or inquire via this web site: http://rkivs.com/digitalmusic/.

A words-only ebook corresponding to this collection of hymns can be found at http://hymns.nevcal.com/.

In full

The files on this edition of the CD include:

Software notes

The following software is capable and recommended for Windows and Android, but in most cases other software exists that can also read the various files.

I don't know much about Apple computers, but have heard they are so easy to use that surely all you have to do is click a file to open it.

iOS devices can surely manipulate any of these file types: "There's an APP for that."