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Welcome to the KWVR -- Korean War Veterans Reunion 2006 -- web site.

This page is for information regarding the Korean War Veterans Reunion held on March 22 through March 26, 2006, in Mesquite NV.

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Status The book is complete and available. Orders are being taken.

The books have been available since August 7, 2009. The initial large order has been completed and mailed, as of August 15, 2009.
Information This biographical reunion book contains a black & white picture, contact information, and brief biographical information about each veteran or worker whose information is supplied, whether they attended the reunion or not. It also includes similar memorial information for those that have passed on, if that was supplied. The book includes 226 entries for veterans and workers, and has a total of 136 pages of content.

It is too late to supply additional information for this book.

Books printed in the first print run and books printed later will vary in covers and binding. Similar materials will be used, but not always exactly the same as those from the first print run, or even later print runs.
Purchase Orders are now being taken for this book.

Please include your email address and/or telephone number with orders, in case it is unclear, or I need to contact you for some reason.

Contact me to obtain current pricing.
Availability The book continues to be available, and will be produced "on demand" for any that want them.