Himnos 2016 sung by Kamela LiaBraaten

These collections of CDs are available in multiple formats, download one or all, or order physical CDs here. All CDs come as a 7-zip compressed file. After unzipping, use ImgBurn to burn the CDs by clicking on the "!.cue" or "!.ibb" file (depending on which exists in the folder). If you don't use Windows and ImgBurn, all the .wav or .mp3 files you need to burn the CD are included, but you'll have to make your own control file, or add the files to your CD burner software by hand. Note that the order of files in the audio collection is unlikely to be the same as the sorted order of the files in the folder... use the !.ibb file, !.cue file or the !.m3u file (all are readable text) as a guide to making the order come out correctly on the CD, to match the table of contents. Precreated labels for these CDs are available here indexed by Item. How to print CD labels using IrfanView is described here.

Click here for a description, table of contents, and 1-minute sample.

For a subset collection containing only hymns with new tunes, see this page.


These are things that have been observed about the files, file names and tags in the .m4a files created by Kamela in her collection of recordings of the 2016 edition of Himnos. This is not intended to detract from the huge amount of effort she did to create the files, but just to help explain any oddities that may be observed when using or searching among the original files, or some derived versions (mostly fixed in the collections above). None of these stop the collection from being a very useful educational resource.

  1. All the file names and title tags included a date and time, possibly the date and time when the recording was made or completed. These have mostly been removed from this collection, except in the original M4A version.

  2. #001 through #099 - note that the title tags do not include the leading zeros that are in the file names. Whether or not this should be considered an error is open to question.

  3. #024
  4. #147 - original file name and title tag:

    file: #147 - ¡Cuán dulce es la comunión! - 9_13_16, 1.38 PM.m4a
    tag: #147 - ¡Cuán dulce es la comunión! - 9_13_16, 1.38 PM

    should be:

    file: #147 - ¡Cuán grata es la comunión! - 9_13_16, 1.38 PM.m4a
    tag: #147 - ¡Cuán grata es la comunión! - 9_13_16, 1.38 PM

  5. #394 - versions created before 23 October 2016 had a wrong note error. Kamela re-recorded it on 23 October 2016 with the correct note.